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Road to Rosewood ~ Review with Author Interview

Road to Rosewood
By Ashtyn Newbold

Ashtyn Newbold has done it again. Creating a story that draws the reader in from the first word. The Road to Rosewood finds the reader alternating between Lucy Abbot's recollections of her summers spent in Dover, specifically Rosewood and her current day-to-day life in the coastal village of Craster.

Six years have passed since Lucy last visited Rosewood and the time has laid heavy on her heart as the one boy to ever capture her fancy - Nicholas Bancroft called the next manor home. But when her parents put a sudden end to the yearly visits Lucy's heart has slowly withered.

But when Lucy determines to take her own happiness into her own hands she finds herself on a journey she never expected to make. Highwaymen, a threat to her life, and her reputation on the line - all before reaching Dover. But Rosewood isn't how she remembered it. And there are secrets that when revealed will make a difference in the lives of those involved.

Lucy's personality is one that is both quick and amusing and it is interesting to watch the interactions between her and Nicholas both in the past and the present. Lucy Abbot is someone one would love to sit down and spend the afternoon with!

Those who have read Ashytn's previous books will be as enchanted as before. And those who read Lies and Letters will recognize certain characters who play a bigger role in this book. Fans of clean Regency romance will delight to read and share this book.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectation of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Lucy Abbot longs to return to the country estate where she spent the best days of her childhood with her cousins and their charming neighbor Nicholas. Her protective parents, however, have other plans for her. When she finally dares to escape, her carriage is besieged by highwaymen with a familiar man leading them. Could this mysterious outlaw be exactly the person Lucy has been searching for?

~*~ Interview with Author Ashtyn Newbold ~*~
1) Did you always want to write or did you see a different future for yourself?  

I’ve always loved stories--reading, storytelling, and movies. I didn’t always want to be a writer, but as a kid I think I already was a writer without realizing it. I made up little stories, and any creative writing assignment I was given I took above and beyond (in 2nd grade I wrote a 20 page story when the teacher only asked for 2). It wasn’t until high school when I realized how much I really loved writing, wanting to finish a novel and pursue publication.

2) What is your go-to genre for your personal reading?

I’m a pretty diverse reader. I like any story that will keep me turning the pages, whether its a fantasy, thriller, historical, YA contemporary, or romance. I’d say Regency romance is still my go-to because that’s the genre I’ve written in for the last few years, but I’m hoping to branch out and write some middle grade or young adult in the near future.

3)  Do you wish you were more like a certain character that you have brought to life? And if so what traits do you most admire in this character?

When I wrote my first novel, Mischief and Manors, I was fifteen and still really insecure. In writing that book I created my main character, Annette, as an example of someone I wanted to be. She was bold, brave, and selfless, speaking out without being afraid. I loved that about her character.

4) What do you most love about the Regency time period when related to your story's setting?

I love SO much about the Regency period, and wish I could go back in time to experience it myself. One of the things I love most about it is the conversation. People talked. Face to face. They had intelligent, witty conversations and enjoyed each other’s company without distraction. In my books I love experimenting with fun, witty dialogue. My generation is especially obsessed with their phones, and it drives me crazy sometimes.

5) What is the one question you wish was asked during an interview and how would you answer it?

I’m not sure … I could talk about my hobbies (besides writing :)). I love baking, and hope to open a bakery someday. I love singing and playing the guitar, watching movies, sewing, celebrating holidays (I go all out, especially at Halloween), and doing hair and makeup. I also love dogs, and my puppy Charlie is the sweetest!

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