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Progeny ~ Spotlight and Interview with Giveaway

Book Details:

Book Title: The Progeny: A Novel by Tosca Lee
Series: Descendants of the House of Bathory (Book #1)
Category: YA Fiction, 352 pages
Genre: Thriller, (YA-leaning), Slight paranormal
Publisher: Howard Books
Release date: May 2016
Tour dates: March 26 to April 13, 2018
Content Rating: PG

Book Description:

From New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee comes a story of love, ancient secrets, and survival. Book 1 in the House of Bathory duology.

When you wake up, you remember nothing. Not your name, or where you were born, or the faces of the people you knew. Just a single warning written to yourself before you forgot it all:

"Emily, it’s me. You.

Don’t ask about the last two years… Don’t try to remember and don’t go digging. Your life depends on it. Other lives depend on it.

By the way, Emily isn’t your real name. You died in an accident. You paid extra for that."

You start over in a remote place with a new name, a fresh life. Until the day a stranger tells you you’re being hunted for the sins of a royal ancestor who died centuries before you were born.

You don’t believe him, until they come for you. Now you’re on the run.

Every answer you need lies in a past you chose to erase. The only thing you know for sure is that others are about to die and you need those memories back.

But first, you have to stay alive.

Praise for The Progeny:

"Be warned: once you start this book, it’s impossible to put down!”
- Maria V. Snyder, New York Times bestselling author of Poison Study

“Intriguing and romantic, I literally couldn’t put it down.”
- Jennifer L. Armentrout # 1 New York Times bestselling author

- Publishers Weekly

"[A] complex thriller with various turns and twists...A great choice for readers who enjoy their psychological thrillers with a historical twist."
- Library Journal

- Romantic Times Book Reviews

"Filled with intrigue, romance, and reversals fans are sure to love."
- Family Fiction

"The Progeny has risen to the top of my favorites list…I devoured every word of it.”
- Book Reporter

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The Center

No one speaks when you enter the Center for the last time. There’s no need. You’ve gone through the counseling, tests, and a checklist of preparations to get the plastic bracelet you wear the day of treatment. The one that saves a life. They don’t need to know why you’re doing it any more. Or that you lied about it all. Just the scratch of the stylus as you sign your name on the screen one last time.

A nurse takes me into a room and I lie down on the table. I give her the sealed packet—the only thing I brought with me. There’s cash, meds, and an address inside, the one for “after.” It’s a thousand miles away. She’ll pass it to the companion assigned to me. No point meeting her now.

I’m 21 years old and my name doesn’t matter because it’s about to be erased forever. I’m choosing to forget the ones I love, and myself, in the process.

They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die. But they don’t tell you that every detail comes screaming back to life. That you taste each bite of every meal you savored, feel the shower of every rain you walked in… smell the hair against your cheek before that last, parting kiss. That you will fight to hold on to every memory like a drowning person gasping for poisoned air.

Then everything you knew is gone. And you are still alive.

For now.

Continue reading the first four chapters FREE.

Meet the Author:

"Superior storytelling." - Publishers Weekly

"One of the most gifted novelists writing today." -Steven James, bestselling author

Tosca Lee is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of the House of Bathory Duology (The Progeny and Firstborn, currently in development for television),Iscariot, The Legend of Sheba, Demon: A Memoir, Havah: The Story of Eve, and the Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestseller Ted Dekker (Forbidden, Mortal, Sovereign). A notorious night-owl, she loves watching TV, eating bacon, playing video games and football with her kids, and sending cheesy texts to her husband.

You can find Tosca at, on social media, or hanging around the snack table. (And be sure to check out Ismeni, the free e-short prequel to The Legend of Sheba!)

Get your copy of The Progeny here: (Kindle readers: now you can enjoy special insights in the author’s highlighted comments!)

Connect with the Author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest


Author Q and A with Tosca Lee:

1) What is your favorite method of book brainstorming? A random comment, a thought, a dream, or…? 

It starts with something that really interests me, or, as in the case of The Progeny and my novel, Iscariot, a figure someone asked me to write about (Judas Iscariot and Elizabeth Bathory). From there, I have a few trusted favorite author friends I turn to for brainstorming plots—and my husband, who is an awesome brainstormer!

2) Did you always want to write or did you see a different future for yourself?

Growing up, I was very serious about ballet until injuries and other factors sidelined that dream. A few years later, while home from Smith College on spring break and talking about books with my dad, I blurted out the words, “I think I want to write a novel.” He made me a deal: he’d pay me what I would have made working at the bank as a teller that coming summer if I spent summer vacation writing a novel full-time. I wrote my first novel that year. (It wasn’t very good. ;D)

3) What is your go-to genre for your personal reading?

Gosh, it could be anything—from thrillers to historical, romance, young adult, or non-fiction.

4) Do you see yourself in certain characters that live within your books?

I do. Especially Audra in The Progeny. As someone with OCD, I truly identify with her fixations and her attention to detail.

5) Do you wish you were more like a certain character that you have brought to life? And if so what traits do you most admire in this character?

The traits I admire in all my characters are their intelligence and their tenacity. That said, I don’t envy them because I always put them through the wringer in my stories!

6) Do you have more books in this series and if so how many? Or do you have another world that you want to share with your fans instead?

The sequel and conclusion to The Progeny, Firstborn, is out now! Meanwhile, I’ve written a whole new thriller that releases January 2019.

7) What is the one question you wish was asked during an interview and how would you answer it?
“What do you want to say to readers and your fans?"

The answer: “I love and appreciate you guys so much! Thank you for putting your faith in authors like me! And now, let me take you away from here. Leave the world you know behind—I’ve written this story just for you.”


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