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A Matter of Trust ~ Review

A Matter of Trust
Montana Rescue #3
By Susan May Warren

Gage Watson's life was destroyed three years ago following a tragic accident and he's never forgiven himself or the woman who betrayed him when at his most vulnerable. Unfortunately for him Ella Blair is back and asking for his help again.

Gage was the one man for Ella and she knew when she met him the first time and the crush she had had on him like forever from his videos was just cemented after meeting him and getting rescued. But then she betrayed him in the courtroom when her law firm represented the victim's family. And the for the since the civil case she's been living with the guilt of knowing the truth of what really happened - something even Gage doesn't know.

But when her younger brother's reckless ways bring her to Glacier National Park she never expected to see Gage Watson again. And she certainly never expected to have him show up at her door in search of her brother. And when her brother makes good on his threat of attempting Gage's most dangerous run Ella demands that Gage set out to save him from himself and allow her to assist. But when trust has been destroyed it could add another element of danger to already deteriorating search.

But this book also delves into Ty's story and the crash that is keeping him out of the pilot's seat for PEAK. And the secret that he is helping Jess keep hidden is in danger of seeing the light of day (or press) when Ella's friend Brette's journalistic tendencies focus on PEAK's EMT. And the unidentified body that was found during a search for Esme is a continued thread in this book that has an unexpected revelation that is obviously going to continue on into the next book Troubled Waters.

Looking for extreme adventure and danger with second chances at love? Check out Susan May Warren's Montana series and be sure to read them in order to fully appreciate the storyline.

About the Book:

It's those we love who have the power to hurt us most . . .

Champion backcountry snowboarder Gage Watson has left the limelight behind after the death of one of his fans. After being sued for negligence and stripped of his sponsorships, he's remade his life as a ski patrol in Montana's rugged mountains, as well as serving on the PEAK Rescue team. But he can't seem to find his footing--or forget the woman who betrayed him. 

Senator and former attorney Ella Blair spends much of her time in the public eye as one of the youngest senators in the country. But she has a secret--one that cost Gage his career. More than anything, she wants to atone for her betrayal of him in the courtroom and find a way to help him put his career back on track. 

When Ella's brother goes missing on one of Glacier National Park's most dangerous peaks, Gage and his team are called in for the rescue. But Gage isn't so sure he wants to help the woman who destroyed his life. More, when she insists on joining the search, he'll have to keep her safe while finding her reckless brother--a recipe for disaster when a snowstorm hits the mountain. 

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