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Christmas at Carnton ~ Review

Christmas at Carnton
Carnton #0.5
By Tamera Alexander

Aletta Prescott is struggling to survive the cost the war with the North has cost her - her husband and now her job. But Aletta is determined to make the best life possible for her son and her expected baby even if she is soon to lose her home to the bank. But in the faltering South employment of any type is nearly impossible. When she learns of a job at Carnton she hopes and prays that this is the answer to her prayers.

The Women's Relief Society is planning a Christmas auction to raise funds to support the Confederate troops and Aletta hopes to secure the position. But with the position she hoped to fill already taken, Aletta's hopes falter but another opportunity presents itself if she can find the help she needs.

When Captain Jake Winston is ordered to assist the Women's Relief Society in its charitable endeavor he feels it is a waste of time. But orders are orders and with his recent injury preventing him from being able to complete his duty and not endanger himself and his fellow troops he is off to Carnton. With no outward sign of injury, Jake is soon put to work assisting the ladies in pulling it all together. And when asked by Aletta to help her he feels sure he will soon be doing her "job", but Aletta is full of surprises and soon impresses the skeptical Captain Winston with her skills.

Set in 1863 Franklin, Tennessee, this is a heart-warming Christmas story. There are unexpected blessings and heartbreak that are to be expected as this is a world that is deep in the trenches of war. Those who are fans of the Civil War era will enjoy this newest offering from Tamera Alexander. And if you just love reading a story with a strong Christmas theme this one is for you. Fans of the Belle Meade Plantation series may find a familiar name in this book that sets the stage for the author's newest series. Altogether this an enjoyable book that is perfect for a long dreary afternoon or a lazy weekend on the couch.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher through BookLook Bloggers with no expectations of a positive review ~ All opinions expressed are my own. 

About the Book:
Amid war and the fading dream of the Confederacy, a wounded soldier and a destitute widow discover the true meaning of Christmas—and sacrificial love.
Recently widowed, Aletta Prescott struggles to hold life together for herself and her six-year-old son. With the bank threatening to evict them, she discovers an advertisement for the Women’s Relief Society auction and applies for a position—only to discover it’s been filled. Then a chance meeting with a wounded soldier offers another opportunity—and friendship. But can Aletta trust this man?
Captain Jake Winston, a revered Confederate sharpshooter, suffered a head wound at the Battle of Chickamauga. When doctors deliver their diagnosis, Jake fears losing not only his greatest skill but his very identity. As he heals, Jake is ordered to assist with a local Women’s Relief Society auction. He respectfully objects. Kowtowing to a bunch of “crinolines” isn’t his idea of soldiering. But orders are orders, and he soon discovers this group of ladies—one, in particular—is far more than he bargained for.
Set against the backdrop and history of the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tennessee, Christmas at Carnton is a story of hope renewed and faith restored at Christmas.

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