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A Dangerous Engagement ~ Review

A Dangerous Engagement
The Regency Spies of London #3
By Melanie Dickerson

Felicity Mayson has been publicly spurned yet again - again her lack of a sizeable dowry is held against her. And Felicity has had enough of upper societies prejudices and has determined to avoid balls altogether unless given by her friends the Langdons or the Withinghalls.

When an invitation from Lady Blackstone arrives, Felicity soon finds herself at her aunt's country estate Doverton Hall. But the house party to which Felicity finds herself a part of is most peculiar, with few ladies in attendance. But when Lady Blackstone's favorite guest begins paying particular attention to Felicity she all too soon finds her head being turned by his flattery.

Oliver Ratley's attentions soon lead to an engagement with little thought on Felicity's part. But her engagement soon has her caught up in something altogether unexpected - treason against the throne. What should have been an occasion of happiness soon becomes one of dread. Only one person seems to sympathize with Felicity's predicament at this "party" Philip Merrick. But Philip has his own secrets that he is hiding - a secret that could cost him his life or save the monarchy. And Philip needs Felicity to help him if he is to discover the truth, bring the traitors to justice, and clear Felicity of any doubts about her loyalties.

As time passes the threat of discovery increases and Felicity and Philip risk exposure. Can they find the evidence that they need before it is too late? Or will they pay for their loyalty with their lives?

This is the third book in Melanie Dickerson's Regency Spies of London series and it as fun an escape into a book as the first two books. If you have yet to read A Spy's Devotion or The Viscount's Proposal don't fret as one can easily get into this story without the backstory of these books. And one can always go back a read them at a later date. Yes, the characters from one book cross over to the other two and they are in a chronological order but each can stand on its own.  Sit back and enjoy another delightful period mystery from a fabulous writer.

About the Book:
Just as merchant’s daughter Felicity Mayson is spurned once again because of her meager dowry, she receives an unexpected invitation to Lady Blackstone’s country home. Being introduced to the wealthy Oliver Ratley is an admitted delight, as is his rather heedless yet inviting proposal of marriage. Only when another of Lady Blackstone’s handsome guests catches Felicity’s attention does she realize that nothing is what it seems at Doverton Hall.
Government agent Philip McDowell is infiltrating a group of cutthroat revolutionaries led by none other than Lady Blackstone and Ratley. Their devious plot is to overthrow the monarchy, and their unwitting pawn is Felicity. Now Philip needs Felicity’s help in discovering the rebels’ secrets—by asking her to maintain cover as Ratley’s innocent bride-to-be.
Philip is duty bound. Felicity is game. Together they’re risking their lives—and gambling their hearts—to undo a traitorous conspiracy before their dangerous masquerade is exposed.

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