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Peace in the Valley ~ Review

Peace in the Valley
Double S Ranch #3
By Ruth Logan Herne

Trey Walker Stafford is coming home to the Double S Ranch, hoping to repair Sam Stafford for rescuing him after his parents' death.  Trey's the best match for providing Sam with the liver donation he needs to live and he has to do this for Sam even if the potential risks have him scared as to the outcome.

Unfortunately, Trey's return home is less than peaceful when he's involved in an incident that results in his neighbor's car being damaged. Lucy Carlton has yet another grievance to add to her list of wrongs the Stafford's have committed. But when Trey makes good on his promise to repair the damage he's caused no one is more surprised than Lucy. But she's suspicious of just what Trey's intentions are. Is she a charity case that he can chalk up on his good deeds list or is his concern genuine? Lucy and her kids are about to find out just who Trey is and Lucy is prepared for yet another disappointment in her life.

Peace in the Valley is the third book in the Double S Ranch series that focuses on the Stafford family and Gray's Glen.  This series follows family patriarch Sam Stafford and his change of heart. His life was spent trying to make the Double S Ranch a name to be reckoned with at the cost of his sons, his marriages, and the neighbors around him. Now with his health in a marked decline, Sam is trying to repair the years of damage he has done.  Each book in the series focuses on a different son and this book focuses on his third son Trey, who isn't his son by birth but rather his adopted nephew.

This is a book that focuses on family, faith and the power of redemption. Peace in the Valley is Trey's search for peace in his life - the peace he knows is possible but which has escaped him due to the losses he has experienced.  And this is a story of second chances and that everyone deserves this chance.

Readers who haven't read the first two books in this series can easily read and follow this story and later go back to read the previous books. For those who are interested in genre placement, this is a contemporary Christian romance fiction. This would be a good vacation read to take with you.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher through Blogging for Books with no expectation of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
In spite of their differences, Trey Walker Stafford knows he owes his life to cowboy and legendary rancher Sam Stafford—the uncle who rescued him after his parents’ death. Trey had left the Double S Ranch to pursue music against Sam’s wishes, but returns to central Washington when he learns he’s the best match for a procedure that could save Sam’s life. Although Trey’s found country music fame and success, he’s also endured the tragic loss of his wife. He croons about love, but struggles with a yawning emptiness he can’t explain.

Overwhelmed by a growing list of challenges, but mistrustful of Stafford men, single mother Lucy Carlton reluctantly accepts Trey’s help to revive her crumbling farm when Sam instructs him to repay the overdue debt to her family.

As the two grow closer, Trey slowly begins to open his heart to this beautiful woman and strives to let go of the grief he’s held for years. Lucy has a complicated history of her own. Can Trey accept her as she is, learn to forgive the past, and find the elusive peace he's sought for so long?

About the Author:
Ruth Logan Herne has more than a million books in print, including eighteen Love Inspired contemporary novels and Back in the Saddle, Book 1 in the Double S Ranch series. Ruth is a founding member of Seekerville, a popular writing-collective blog. A country girl who loves the big city, Ruth and her husband live on a farm in upstate New York.