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Fatal Frost ~ Review

Fatal Frost
Defenders of Justice #1
By Nancy Mehl

Mercy Brennan has never been able to depend on anyone since her father walked out on them, on her. The only person to penetrate her icy wall of protection is her best friend Tally Williams who was her friend before her father ruined everything. Her former boyfriend Mark St Laurent was close until she broke it all off.

Mercy's biggest concern is doing her job well - which has been put on hold following an on-the-job shooting incident when the U.S. Marshals and the St. Louis Police Department attempted to arrest a known drug dealer/gang leader.

St. Louis has a problem the Cartel is moving in and they are joining forces with the local gangs to put law enforcement out of business permanently. And Mercy has been targeted! Keeping her safe and unaware of the situation has fallen to Mark and Tally. With a suspected mole within the midsts of the Marshals, need-to-know has become imperative. But when everyone is suspect who do you trust?

A dangerous storm moves in, stranding Mercy, Mark, and Tally in a remote location with no way of contacting anyone for assistance. Worse the very people that they are trying to hide from may have them in their sights. Can they survive long enough to discover who has betrayed them or will the Cartel win this battle? And with her life on the line can Mercy trust someone to be there for her when she most needs them? Or will she again be disappointed?

This is the first book in the Defenders of Justice series from Nancy Mehl and it will be interesting to see where the series goes from here. After this case, I think the US Marshals need to invest in a sat phone - though that would take away some of the suspense if contact was easy to establish.

Readers who enjoy Inspirational Suspense books will enjoy this book. One word of warning this is not the type of book to start in the evening if you have to work the next day - you'll want to read just one more chapter before putting it down - it will keep you up all night reading!

About the Book:
Following in her absentee father's footsteps in a law enforcement career, U.S. Marshal Mercy Brennan has just recovered from being shot in the line of duty. And, unbeknownst to her, her father's recent reappearance in her life has put her in the sights of St. Louis's most powerful gang. Her boss assigns Deputy U.S. Marshal Mark St. Laurent--Mercy's ex-boyfriend--to get her out of town until her safety can be guaranteed. 

Unaware of the extent her boss and Mark have been keeping her in the dark, it isn't until a freak ice storm strands them at a remote location and out of contact with the district office that the full severity of their situation becomes clear. As the storm worsens, the forces of nature combine with a deadly enemy to put them in great danger. Can they survive long enough for help to arrive--if help is even coming at all?