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Fuse of Armageddon ~ Review

Fuse of Armageddon
By Sigmund Brouwer
     and Hank Hanegraaff

Negotiating the release of hostages is Mulvaney Quinn's life and he'll risk his own life to keep anyone else from having to suffer the loss he suffered 5 years ago. But someone has targeted CCTI and specifically Quinn. The only question is why and who framed him for the brutal murders?

Unfortunately for Quinn the lead detective on the case Kate Penner has tracked him down in the ACCO (Israel) and she's determined to see him charged with the with the hate crime she thinks he committed. And Quinn is returning to the United States in handcuffs.

But when a terrorist takes 30 tourists hostage Quinn is the requested negotiator. What Quinn and Kate don't know is that the have been caught up in an international incident that could bring the world into a religious war unlike anything the world has ever known. But who is pulling the threads that will bring the world to its knees? Determining the answer to this question is the difference between war or peace.

As Quinn struggles to keep his past and the emotions that come with it from effecting him, he sees a picture that no one expected him to see. Someone is attempting to force Armageddon upon the world and they'll stop at nothing to get the results they desire. But there are several factors in play and the those involved have reaches into the highest levels of power. Trust is at a premium and betrayal is around every corner.

Everything hinges on one question who does God love and care for? This book may give you a new perspective on Israel and those who call the region home.

About the Book:
Hostage negotiator Mulvaney Quinn is unaware that global catastrophe is hours away. 
He is equally unaware of how his past is about to betray him. When he is sent into a hostage situation in the Gaza Strip with a woman cop who hunted him for a hate crime he didn't commit, they become unlikely allies fleeing for survival. Only the two of them can stop an unholy trinity prepared to trigger a final battle of civilizations... and prevent the coming Armageddon.

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