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Broken Trust ~ Review

Broken Trust
Mission League #3
By Jill Williamson

Spencer Garmond is hoping to recover from his torn ACL in time for his senior year of HS basketball in hopes that he can still get a scholarship. But he's got other issues to deal with - like why he's of such interest to the people tracking him, whether he'll blow it with Grace, his long-strained non-friendship with Nick, and these dreams that he keeps having. All Spencer wants is to be a normal teenager but that's not going to happen anytime soon.

With preparation for their summer assignment ~ Outdoor Survival Training in Alaska ~ and Occupational Training Missions this was looking to be a busy summer. And Spencer has his own personal investigation that he's pursuing, one that focused on the Jolt movie series. And now that Nick's seeing one of the actresses from the movies Spencer is even more motivated.

But someone is about to betray the trust of Spencer and the Mission League and unless they can do some fast thinking, relying on their training the Mission League may lose one or more of their own. But when you've been betrayed who do you trust? Spencer is about to learn that there is only One in whom one can trust in.

This is the third book in the series and with references to previous missions it is helpful to read the series in order though one can follow along fairly easily if you haven't read them. Tweens and teens will enjoy this book. The chapters are presented as if they are filed reports so one has a basic timeline understanding of the book. This is action and adventure that will keep the attention of the reader as the climatic conclusion is reached.

I was provided a ARC copy of this book by the author with no expectation of a review positive or otherwise. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
In the midst of training for the outdoor survival trip to Alaska, Spencer is distracted by a mysterious young woman--Nick's new girlfriend. He's not just wondering how someone that gorgeous would waste her time on a jerk like Nick, he recognizes this girl from her bit part in one of the cultish Jolt movies he's been investigating. She's up to something, and Spencer is determined to find out what. As he gets closer to the truth, it becomes harder to know who to trust. Things are getting dangerous. Can Spencer figure out what's going on, or will this mystery leave him M.I.A?