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Jesus Rode a Donkey ~ Review

Jesus Rode a Donkey
Why Millions of Christians Are Democrats
By Linda Seger, Th.D.

Politics is something that can divide people and even the Church can be split when it comes to political allegiance.  But with Jesus Rode a Donkey Linda Seger looks beyond the party platforms and looks at the heart of the issue.

When voting one needs to look at how an individual candidate has portrayed their beliefs in their life and action not just in their official platform.  The election process is one fraught with decisions that weigh upon the soul. How do I vote? Should I focus on the party platform? The individual's spoken stand? Or the candidate's life as a whole?

Looking at the two major parties, the greatest difference is seemingly the role of religion in America. But looking at the founding of our nation one has to acknowledge that the foundations were liberal in nature - the very idea of freedom was an unheard of concept. A monarchy free government, freedom to worship without a state endorsed religion, and the promise of equality were ideas of change.

But equality's promise has not been enjoyed by all throughout America's history. And this is where our focus should be - WWJD (what would Jesus do?). Jesus came to those society looked down upon. He associated with the poor, the outcast, the ill. He showed neighborly love to all and didn't allow the dictates of society to determine whom should be His neighbor. How can we do any less?

Whether one agrees with the views of the author this is an interesting look at politics, Christianity, and America. Jesus rode a donkey when He entered Jerusalem and a donkey was symbolic with the lowly life He lived starting with His birth in a stable.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author through TBCN/BookFun with no expectation of a positive review and all opinions are my own.

About the Book:

If Jesus were alive today, would he: feed the poor - or give tax breaks to the super rich? Comfort the old and infirm - or cut Social Security? Build bridges that unite - or build walls that divide? Make peace - or make war?

In this ground breaking book, noted author and theologian Linda Seger, Th.D., explores what it means to be a Christian and a Democrat - and shows how the two are not mutually exclusive but rather inclusive. She reveals the close relationship between Democratic policy and Jesus' teachings and the many ways in which the values Jesus espouses in the Bible correspond to the values Democrats call their own. The idea that America's real Christians vote strictly Republican crumbles when one studies the platforms of both parties.

Jesus Rode a Donkey reminds the reader that Jesus and the prophets had a radical, progressive message that calls individuals and nations to feed the hungry, help the poor, heal the sick, care for the earth, free the oppressed, and love our enemies.

The book won the Silver Medal Christian Living Illumination Book Award given for exemplary Christian writing.

About the Author:
Dr. Linda Seger has a background in both drama and theology. She has focused her career as an international script consultant, seminar leader in the area of screenwriting, and author of 9 books on screenwriting. In the last eight years, she has also been writing books on spirituality. Dr. Seger has built her business based on the spiritual principles in her books. She is dedicated to helping her clients express their spirituality through their writing and to deepening the themes and values found in films. She has long been interested in the relationship of spirituality and creativity. As a result of her broad religious background, she is able to nurture the spiritual values of others through her books and her public speaking.