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The Candidate ~ Review

The Candidate
A Newsmakers Novel #2
By Lis Wiehl

    with Sebastian Stuart

Erica Sparks rose to the rating crown when she brought GNN founder Nylan Hastings down with her investigative journalism. The pressure is on her to stay on the top and with the Presidential Campaign getting ready to enter the last months she has plenty of potential stories to keep her viewers tuning in.

When tragedy strikes just feet away from where Erica is reporting the Democratic race for the Presidential nominee is drastically altered.  Something is wrong, Erica just can't figure out what it is. And she is determined to uncover the truth.

Erica's life is finally becoming what she wants it to be. She has custody of Jenny, she lives in a nice apartment, she's engaged, and she's the nation's top-rated cable-news host. But everything isn't the way she expected it to be. Her job keeps her away from Jenny more than she wants. Her fiance, Greg Underwood, is in another country. And her ratings aren't assured.

The upcoming Presidential election is a chance for Erica to prove that she is more than just a pretty face who got a lucky break. This election will be historic no matter the outcome - the Democratics have Mike Ortiz who could be the first Latino President and the Republicans have Lucy Winters who could be the first woman President. Erica is dedicated to revealing the truth about the candidates to the American people and her integrity is not for sale. But someone is determined to keep the truth under wraps and they are willing to do anything to keep it hidden.

Erica is about to find out just how far someone is willing to go to protect their secrets and she may not make it to election day!

Overall the book was pretty good.  The switch from first person to third person in the presentation is at times a bit jarring to the story flow. I'm not a fan of this type switch in perspective, I have no problem with the change between character voice though as it adds depth to the characters. There are a couple of characters whom one just cannot like from the first moment they are mentioned. The drive of certain people to obtain their individual goal is almost unbelievable. I can't say that this behind the scenes look at campaigning makes one want to throw in their own hat - it can prove dangerous to your health.

Thomas Nelson is known as being a Christian publisher but this book like several of their other recent releases does not have a Christian element that is discernible.

I was provided an advanced copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review with no expectations of a positive review.

About the Book:

How far will a candidate go to become president? 

Erica Sparks—America’s top-rated cable-news host—is about to find out.

Mike Ortiz is a dynamic war hero favored to win the White House. Standing by his side is his glamorous and adoring wife, Celeste. But something about this seemingly perfect couple troubles Erica. Is Celeste really who she seems? And most importantly, what really happened in that squalid Al-Qaeda prison where Mike Ortiz spent nine months?

But more than the nation’s future is at stake. Erica’s relentless search for the truth puts the life of her preteen daughter Jenny in danger, even as Erica’s own dark past threatens to overtake her.

In her latest Newsmakers thriller, New York Times bestselling author and Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl weaves a taut and chilling story. The Candidate is packed with political intrigue and media manipulation as the lust for power turns deadly indeed.