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Reclamation ~ Review

Sequel to Eruption
By Adrienne Quintana

Foreknowledge is Power

Jace Vega can't remember her life and it is imperative that she remember.  She is the key to stopping Victor Trent and Omnibus, if only she could remember.

The last thing Jace remembers is the eruption of Mount Hood and their last minute escape. How could she have lost the last three years of her life?  And where were Corey and her father?

With these thoughts foremost on her mind Jace is unprepared for the world that Omnibus and Victor have created.  Movements and purchases are tracked by personal chips. Without a chip you are severely limited, though it is a voluntary choice.

With few clues to work with Jace must discover where everything began to prevent it from happening again.  As her memories begin returning in random, yet increasing regularity she knows time is running out to find the Point of Origin.

Which life will she return to if she succeeds? The one she remembers with Corey or the one she now has with Damien?  With trust at a premium Jace needs to find her father, one of the two people she knows she can trust.  But getting to her father is a problem with Victor searching for her.

Reclamation picks up where Eruption left off and from there the intensity builds to a climactic conclusion. Get ready the race against time and manipulation is about to begin and one wrong decision could give Victor everything he has ever wanted.

If given the chance to send your knowledge of today to the past, would you take the risk? Foreknowledge is power and whoever controls this knowledge can control the world.

This is an excellent book and must be read after you have read Eruption or believe me you will be as in the dark as Jace.  There are a few surprises along the way - especially in regards to what changes have been made to the past and the manipulation that was done to achieve the results that got us to this point.  Highly recommended to readers who enjoy a story that is driven by futuristic technology.

I was provided an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

Sequel to Eruption,
A Technothriller Exploring the Power of Foreknowledge
and the Dangers of Technology Dependence

When Jace Vega wakes up three years after the eruption of Mount Hood, her life is in turmoil. The future seems to match the images on the tablet, but Corey is missing, and nothing about her relationship with Damien feels right.

As Victor Trent continues to amass power, using information terrorism to make the world dependent on Omnibus technology and his private military force, Omnibus Global Security, Jace knows she doesn’t have much time if she’s going to stop him.

Jace’s reawakening begins a race to the place where it all began: the Point of Origin. If she can only remember where it is.

About the Author:
Adrienne Quintana is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and the co-author and illustrator of a children’s book, Isabella’s Pink Umbrella. Adrienne and her family live in Litchfield Park, Arizona. For more information, visit Adrienne’s website