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Mountain Christmas Brides ~ Review

Mountain Christmas Brides
Nine Historical Novellas Celebrate Faith 
                   and Love in the Rocky Mountains
by Carrie Turansky, Mildred Colvin, Debby Lee
Gina Welborn, Mary Davis, Tamela Hancock Murray
Lena Nelson Dooley, Susan Page Davis, and Darlene Franklin

A Trusting Heart (Carrie Turansky)
Annika Bergstrom is leaving the life she knew and the family she loves behind on the promise of becoming a mail-order bride to Charles Simms and becoming a mother to his young daughter, Mariah. But there is an unexpected surprise when Annika arrives in Laramie and this is a surprise that could affect just how she envisioned her life being. The letters that convinced her to travel all this distance seemingly don't match up with the man she's come to marry. Will Annika get the Christmas she was expecting or will her heart be left wishing for one more gift? 

Home for the Holidays (Mildred Colvin), One Evergreen Night (Debby Lee), All Ye Faithful (Gina Wellborn, and A Carpenter Christmas (Mary Davis)
Anna Wilkin has no time for boys or romance until an incident with an unwelcome bustle and a tray of cookies literally knocks her off her feet along with new comer Jeremiah Tucker. Can this feisty young woman find love with a logger who wants to keep love at bay?  Anna just may be the one to work her way into Jeremiah's heart especially with her skill with a fishing pole.

Emma Pearson is determined to be there for her brother and be sure nothing happens to him. To her way of thinking Frederick Corrigan train engineer for the logging camp is a incentive to invite danger for her brother. And Emma is sure Frederick is well aware of her opinion. But the way to anyone's heart is through the unexpected and when Frederick gifts Emma with a most unusual gift she just may discover love in a place she never expected - her own heart.  But can love move one past the fears of the past?

Larkin Whitworth is the wealthiest girl in town as well as the sweetest, at least as far as E.V. is concerned.  He's been paying attention to her for years and yet never declared his intentions.  As Larkin begins to despair of ever wedding the man who's captured her heart, she faces a crisis that threatens her standing within the community.  Can the truth set her free of scandal? Or is protecting the secret she has been keeping the path to winning the love she seeks?

Natalie Bollen has determined that it's time for Willum Tate to notice her. Willum seems to take his time in getting things done - he's been working on a house for years. If he can't finish a simple building job how can he be expected to ever provide for her should they marry? Can Natalie and Willum move past their doubts and fears to find love? Or will doubts push them further apart than any distance could? It's a season for miracles.

Fires of Love (Tamela Hancock Murray), The Best Medicine (Lena Nelson Dooley), Almost Home (Susan Page Davis), and Dressed in Scarlet (Darlene Franklin)

Christmas in 1913 Denver, Colorado is started off with a Christmas party that is crashed by an unexpected blizzard that sends the various party-goers off in different directions.  Thalia Bloom's party was the perfect chance for a Christmas get-together for her life-long friends and her friends from boarding school.  The night is perfect except for Maximilian Newbolt actually showing up. Maximilian and Thalia had a break that broke both their hearts - a break that neither understood why it happened.  When a crisis occurs Maximilian and Thalia have a second chance if they can move past their differences.

Rose Fletcher has no where to go with the blizzard that has her extending her stay at the Bloom's home. The extended visit leaves her anxious for her father and self-conscience meeting Thomas Stanton again after he left years again.  Thomas's return just might be what the doctor ordered when illness strikes. Can two hearts find the chance they are seeking thanks to a Christmas blizzard.

Patricia Logan is determined to get home in spite of the warnings that the blizzard makes travel dangerous. Her Aunt Edna is soon to have a baby and Patricia needs to get back to her.  Her only chance is convincing Jared Booker to help her get home by horse. But there are years of hurt that have divided the two families - could this be a second chance to mend old hurts and lead to love? 

Natalie Daire is heading home when her has an accident with her car that leads her to a chance encounter with Fabrizio Ricci.  The blizzard strands both at the Brown Palace - the hotel where Fabrizio is employed in the garage. Natalie with her life of privilege couldn't be more different from the young man who aided her. The blizzard offers the two a chance to get to know one another. As Natalie works at making everyone comfortable with their extended stay she shows the sweetness and kindness that is in her heart. This is the Christmas where she might find an unexpected love.

I was provided a copy of the book by the publisher and Carrie Turansky in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
From a Wyoming ranch in 1880, to a logging camp in Washington Territory in the late 1800s, to Denver, Colorado, in 1913, meet nine couples who find that Christmas is the perfect time for climbing to the heights of romance. Watch as their faith and courage propel them through challenges that come with mountain winters to cozy fireside celebrations that lead to lasting proclamations of love. Penned by an exclusive selection of Christian fiction authors—including Susan Page Davis, Vickie McDonough, and Carrie Turansky—this collection of nine romances is one to treasure.