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The Salt Mine Mystery ~ Review

The Salt Mine Mystery
Thunder and Lightening series #2
By Aaron M. Zook Jr.

Gabe and Alex are back with another mystery and if they can't solve it they won't live to regret their failure.  The two brothers and their friends are in danger and are soon separated from their parents when touring the Berchtesgaden Salt Mines.

A mysterious clue given to them by someone referred to only as G may be their only hope to escape the people hunting them within the salt mines.  And this time they may have to say goodbye forever to some whom they consider friends.

This book is perfect for middle grade readers - especially boys. Parents and grandparents will be happy to hear that these are clean reads.  This is realistic fiction for those who are looking for something other than fantasy.

I was provided a copy of this book through TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

Twelve year-old Gabe Zanadu, his brother, Alex, and dogs Thunder and Lightning face Team Test #2 in Germany’s Berchtesgaden Salt Mines. Fighting a human-trafficking ring, they must successfully negotiate the Egyptian Path of Death to free themselves, the victims and bring their captors to justice. THE SALT MINES MYSTERY Threatened in the streets of Goeppingen, Germany, Gabe and Alex Zanadu make a disastrous decision that plummets them, their dogs Thunder and Lightning, and international friends into the clutches of an evil human trafficking ring.

Who sent thugs to attack twelve-year-old Gabe in an alley?
What secret does Gabe and Alex, his fourteen-year-old brother, learn at the War Council?
Can the boys remember the sailor song clues given by the mysterious ‘G’ and survive?
How do Thunder and Lightning keep their masters alive?
Will Gabe and Alex’s brotherly ties withstand the onslaught of danger?
Who will finish the race through the Egyptian Path of Death?

Find the answers to these questions and more in this heart-pumping, action-packed adventure/mystery story. And the Thunder and Lightning saga is just beginning!

About the Author:

Aaron M. Zook, Jr., a retired U.S. Army Colonel, enjoys writing Christian books. The Secrets of the Castle, his intriguing middle-reader mystery/adventure novel for boys and the first of the Thunder and Lightning series is available at and other online stores, and is currently on sale at Aaron lives with his wife in Belton, TX. They have two married sons.