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The End of All Things ~ Review

The End of All Things
The Kinsman Chronicles #1.3
By Jill Williamson

The End of All Things picks up where The Heir War left us.  Wilek is still being held by the Magonia's and soul bound and under compulsion to Charlon.  Natural disasters are destroying the land as they know it.  The time of the Five Woes has come and time is running out for the Five Realms.

Janek is moving against Wilek and Trevn in his attempt to be named heir to the throne of Armania. And Janek has no inhibitions using any and all means to gain his goal - even murder.

But there are many forces at work both for and against Armania within and without the palace. Who can be trusted is of utmost importance as the end draws near.  With Wilek missing and Father Tomek Trevn must find allies he can trust.  But betrayal comes in many forms, taking years to implement and someone is determined to stop Trevn - the question is who.

The End of All Things brings the crisis to a head - who will survive is in doubt as the world they know ends.  Secrets come to light and lives will be lost, but more questions will be raised.

Each new offering from Jill Williamson becomes a new favorite and this latest part in the Kinsman Chronicles is no exception.  I love this serial release format so that one doesn't have to wait as long between books. Get ready to be enraptured with The End of All Things! But don't expect to have all your questions answered the next installment is coming July 5th!

I was provided an advanced uncorrected copy of this book by the author Jill Williamson in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
With the Five Realms on the brink of total destruction, everyone faces a final mad scramble to find a safe haven. The realm is divided on what should be done. Wilek and Trevn join those who are preparing the realm for a seaward evacuation, but the king stands in their way. Wilek must battle against his own father to try and save the people of Armania.