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Dani Pettrey Interview

Today, I'm pleased to share with you my recent interview with Dani Pettrey who just released her newest book Cold Shot (which is the debut book of the Chesapeake Valor series).


1) Dani, your last series was based in Alaska while Chesapeake Valor is set across the country, what is the biggest difference that you've noticed in the two regions?

Well, the Chesapeake Bay area is home for me so the biggest difference I’ve noticed is the great ability to fully research all the areas I’m sharing with my readers. While Alaska is a really well known area based on reader email and discussions I’ve had with readers—so many people have visited Alaska, the Chesapeake region seems to be a little-known area, but it’s a gorgeous area with such a vibrant history and rich maritime heritage. I love getting to share my backyard with readers.

2) In just one to three words how would you describe the following characters: 

Griffin: steadfast, wry sense of humor and passionate. 
Declan: hard-working, loyal, and serious.
Parker: intelligent, playful, and gorgeous.
Finley: brilliant, tenacious, and joyful.
Avery: strong, brave, and vulnerable.
Tanner: caring, persistent and compassionate. 
Kate: determined, creative, and loving.

3) Of the characters you've written about whose life would you want to live if you had to choose?

Great question. It took me quite a while of thinking on this one. I’m going to say Finley’s. I love teaching. I homeschooled my girls while they were growing up and taught at homeschool co-ops, and Finley is an adjunct professor at Towson University in Forensic Anthropology. She travels the world for investigations and pleasure, and I adore travel. Plus, she gets to be with a man very much like my husband—steadfast, wry sense of humor, and passionate. :)

4) How many books do you plan on having in this series?

There will be four books in the series. I’ve just finished the rough draft on the second book, which is Parker’s story. Next, I’ll be starting the third book, which is Declan’s story. It’s been so fun writing about such interesting men and women.

5) Which would you choose coffee, tea, or cocoa?
Coffee mixed with cocoa :) 

Dani, thank you for taking time from your schedule for this interview

Thank you so much for hosting me! Really, fun and interesting questions. 

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