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Streams of Mercy ~ Review

Streams of Mercy
Song of Blessing #3
By Lauraine Snelling

Blessing, North Dakota, is recovering and rebuilding from the tragedy that struck the town in book 2 (A Harvest of Hope) which I somehow managed to miss leaving me a little bit in the dark.  I highly recommend read the series in order.  But the town is prospering, the hospital is still training intern doctors and nurses from Chicago.  Life for the most part is good.

Anji Moen and her children are living with her sister Rebecca and brother-in-law Gerald.  She is sharing the knowledge that she gained from her late husband by teaching Norwegian history in the high school.  Her growing friendship with Thomas Devlin has become an added blessing in her life. Thomas is an Anglican minister from Ireland who has called Blessing home for a short time. Thomas's heart is drawn to the ministry but in recent years he has been without a church, instead he has been putting his carpentry skills to use in Blessing both as a carpenter and as a teacher.

But Blessing is about to undergo yet another time of testing when some unexpected "visitors" arrive in the night.  The skills of doctors Astrid and Elizabeth Bjorklund will be tested as they fight against an unknown and deadly illness that threatens Blessing.

Taking place in 1907 when medicine and modern living as we know it were in the early stages of becoming a reality for all, Blessing is on the forefront of this growth.  But no matter the time one lives in tragedy is a fact of life.  Blessing is a town that one could definitely find a home for ones heart.  The caring that the residents share for one another is heartening and often sadly missing from much of life as we experience it today.  

Often people refer to living a simpler life, but life isn't simpler rather it is less encumbered by the pressures and demands that we have allowed to gain such a foothold in our lives today.

I really enjoyed Streams of Mercy and look forward to hopefully further installment from Blessing. In the meantime I'm going to backtrack and read what I missed in book 2.  This series is highly recommended to those who enjoy historical fiction.  Would make an excellent gift or addition to any local library.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

About the Book:
The Heartwarming Drama Continues in the Song of Blessing Series
Anji Baard Moen, a recent widow, returns from Norway with her children. She quickly settles back into life in Blessing, teaching Norwegian history in the high school and writing articles for the Blessing Gazette. When tragedy strikes, Anji steps in to run the newspaper and soon finds a kindred spirit in the widower who owns the printing press. As they spend time together, Anji wonders if there's something more than friendship growing between them.

But Anji has also caught the eye of a recent arrival to Blessing. He has put his carpentry skills to good use on the town's building projects, including Anji's house. But Anji is torn between her feelings of loyalty to someone who needs her and the chance to build a new life with this intriguing newcomer.

Where will her choice take her?