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Tinker: Robo Tales ~ Review

Robo Tales 1
By Jill and Luke Williamson

Tinker is his uncle's ward and to his uncle that means an overworked, unappreciated, unpaid worker.  Tinker does most of the work in the repair shop that was his father's.  But after his father's death Uncle Noctis moved in and took over.  Tinker's dream was to enter the Invention Institute, but Uncle Noctis says there is no money for Tinker to get an education.

Robo, a robot dog that had been built of scrap metal, is Tinker's friend. Mr. Monn, from the moon Relo, encourages Tinker to enter the upcoming Recycle Race - a competition that could get Tinker into the Institute.  Could Tinker come up with an entry with just a week to design and build it?  Tinker is determined to give it a try.

This story with threads of Cinderella running throughout will delight young readers.  Tinker reminds me a little of Anakin (pre-Jedi training) with his skills in rebuilding and repairing with cast offs and scraps.  There are no fairy godmothers or pumpkins turning into gilded carriages in this story and should appeal even to the often overlooked reluctant male reader in your life.

Enjoy a short peek at the further adventures of Robo - a prefect tantalizer for what is sure to become a favorite series.

I was provided a advance copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.