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Hostage Run ~ Review

Hostage Run
The Mindwar Trilogy 2
By Andrew Klavan

Rick Dial's first foray into the MindWar Realm was a victory against Kurador.  But the war is not over and he is determined to somehow, someway get Mariel and Favian out of the Realm and back to Real Life (RL).

But Kurador is determined to keep Rick from entering the Realm ever again.  And he'll do anything to convince Rick to stay out.  And his plan of attack - kidnap Molly Jameson.

What's a guy to do when a massive attack is about to happen and his best friend is being used as leverage against him?  This is a choice that Rick now faces.  He alone can stop Kurador.  And he is the only chance Mariel and Favian have of surviving the Realm.  But Molly may lose her life if he so much as breathes in the direction of the Realm.

Hostage Run is an exciting sequel to MindWar.  The Dial family is together in the secured compound they now called home, reunited after being torn apart by a lie, a lie that did not protect them.  Rick is suffering from his forays into the Realm.  And he is keeping these side-effects secret so that he won't be prevented from entering the Realm and rescuing his friends.

In Hostage Run the lines between the Realm and Real Life are about to become even more blurred as Kurador takes his war to a new level.  And this new level is about to make the Realm even more dangerous than it was before.

Are you ready to enter a world that is about to change everything you thought you knew?

Rick dial is faced with an impossible choice: 
save the life of his best friend Molly . . . 
Or save the free world.

Rick Dial’s career as a superstar quarterback ended when a car accident left him unable to walk. But his uncanny gaming ability caught the attention of a secret government organization trying to stop a high-tech terrorist attack on America. He’s been to the fantastical cyber world called the MindWar Realm . . . and returned to Real Life victorious.

But the stakes have just gone up. Another attack is imminent, and Rick is the only one who can stop it. How can he, though, when terrorists have kidnapped his best friend Molly and are threatening to kill her if Rick returns to the Realm?

As Molly uses every resource of mind and body to outwit her brutal captors, Rick races against time inside a nightmare video game where a fate worse than death may be waiting for him.

Hundreds of miles apart, both will have to test the power of their faith and the strength of their spirits. They’re being forced to a moment of sacrifice . . . one that could cost them everything.