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Five Enchanted Roses ~ Review

Five Enchanted Roses
A Collection of Beauty and the Beast Stories
by: Kaycee Browning, Savannah Jezowski,
      Jenelle Schmidt, Dorian Tsukioka, and
      Hayden Wand

Five Enchanted Roses is a delightful collection of five unique stories based upon the tale of Beauty and the Beast.  If you have a love of fairy tales you need to read these lovingly written stories.

Prepare to be enchanted as both Beauty and Beast find true love - love that will break the curse that rules their lives.  But beware all curses aren't what they first seem and discovering this truth is the key.

Espirit de la Rose
By Kaycee Browning

Cecilia Lester is to join her aunt in London, but when the Fee demand payment for her father's crime again her voyage takes an unexpected detour.

Having interfered with the Fee, Cecilia finds herself aboard a ship that is filled with those who have been cursed by the Fee to wander the sea as monsters.  Cecilia may be the key to freeing those aboard the cursed ship or she may be just another pawn in the cruelty the Fee delight in extracting.

Whose heart will Cecilia touch?  Or will she too spend the rest of her days sailing the sea aboard the ghostly ship paying her father's punishment?

Get ready to set sail - the Espirit de la Rose is about to take you on an adventure you can't imagine.

By Savannah Jezowski

Lilybet Haverly is determined that her younger sister will not pay for the rose her father picked. Briarstone Abbey is ruled by a beast.  A beast who objected to one of his roses being picked and the price was Sunflower.

Lilybet is used to hard work and is determined that her sister not be sent to the beast.  But to save her, she must enter the Neverway facing Creepers and Ghouls to get to the abbey.

But the beast is more than he appears but can he overcome Lilybet's distrust and win her love before it is too late?  If he fails more than his life is at stake, but can he reveal all to the feisty young woman who has taken her sister's place?

When she is faced with the truth whom will Lilybet face the future with?

 Stone Curse
By Jenelle Schmidt

Two years the curse has laid upon Thorndale Castle.  The princess is missing, presumed stolen.  The visiting prince has become a beast.  The royal family and nobility have been turned to stone.  A few loyal servants have remained to care for the castle and prince Barend, including Karyna.

Karyna hopes that the curse may be lifted and that her dreams may offer a clue as to where to search.  Lifting the curse will allow Barend to go home.

But how can one person lift such a powerful curse - a curse that is spreading?  A curse in which love is the key.


Rosara and the Jungle King
By Dorian Tsukioka

Rosara is being hunted by the most feared man of the tribe, a man who seeks to challenge her father.  But Rosara is determined to elude the man who wants to make her his third wife.  A chance meeting with a jaguar is about to change Rosara's life.

Can Tupa help this young woman avoid the trap Maor is setting for her?  And who is the true beast in this tale?

Rosara and the Jungle King is a story about living with the consequences of the choices one makes.

The Wulver's Rose
By Hayden Wand

A hundred year curse, a fading hope, a young woman riddled with guilt, a voice calling out for help, and a beast.  Put these together and you have The Wulver's Rose, a thoroughly captivating tale.

Can Bonnie break the spell that has held the castle and its residents in its withering grip for nearly 100 years?  Or is her heart unable to be touched by the beast who calls the castle home?

Having left the life she knew behind Bonnie is haunted by dreams, dreams that ultimately bring her to the beast's door.

I think that of the five stories this is the one that has greater similarities to the original faerie tale.  

Truly a lovely conclusion to a beautiful collection of Beauty and the Beast tales.

Anyone who read last year's Five Glass Slippers collection will not be disappointed in this year's Five Enchanted Roses.  The stories are beautifully spun by five distinctive voices who are skilled in the art of putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard).  Captivating would be an apt one word description for this collection.

I was provided a digital copy of this book by the publisher Rogglewood Press in exchange for my honest review.

Rediscover the Enchantment

A ship bearing the souls of sinful sailors drifts upon a ghostly sea. 
An abbey looms as the final defense between mortals and ghouls of the underworld. 
In the stillness of a throne room, statues stand forever frozen in a moment of terror. 
Monsters and men stalk their prey deep in the jungle’s shadows. 
A rose blooms in the dead of winter, sheltered in the ruins of an ancient Scottish castle.

And only true love can free the Beast from his prison.