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Little Seed: A Life ~ Review

Little Seed: A Life
By Callie Grant
Illustrated by Suzanne Etienne

Little Seed: A Life is a fun way to introduce your little readers (or pre-readers) to the life cycle of a seed. 

We are introduced to a seed falling to the ground in fall. We go through the seasons and the growth cycle of a complete year ending with the little seed having new little seeds fall to the ground.

Targeted for ages 0-5 the illustrations will appeal to this age group.  The wonder of God's creation and the value of a seed is shared in this little book.  An excellent gift for your soon-to-be-reader or as a Sunday School aid.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher through TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review.

ABOUT THE BOOK: (24 pages)

God gives Little Seed everything it needs to weather the storms and grow in the sun. As the Bible widely demonstrates, God’s creation is full of meaning and useful for instruction. This life story of Little Seed lays a foundation for scientific and spiritual knowledge in the youngest souls. In the Graham Blanchard book collection, Little Seed: A Life is a Praise book, which celebrates the soul-pleasing wonders of God that children experience every day. A natural response to this God-filled world is worship, gratitude and awe for him and his glory, while young hearts grow for him.


Callie Grant founded Graham Blanchard to create children's books for growing up in God, by working with an extensive network of artists, parents, pastors, teachers, and children. The company is the culmination of her experience in the publishing industry paired with a strong calling to help families know God's love and nurture their faith through reading together. Her previous titles, under the name Callie Gregory, include Jeeves, I'm Bored: 25 Internet Adventures for Kids, and Jeeves, I Need Help: Tips and Tricks for Kids on the Net. For more information about Grant and Graham Blanchard, visit