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Lone Star Ranger ~ Review

Lone Star Ranger
By Renae Brumbaugh

Evan and Elizabeth Covington have only recently arrived in Houston, Texas. Having lost their father 6 months ago they are thinking of settling in Houston, with Evan opening a law office.  But before their planning can progress much further Evan is arrested, having been mistaken for the notorious and dangerous James Weston Hardy.

No one will listen to Elizabeth, thinking she's either been taken in by Hardy or his newest accomplice.  With a week before her brother's scheduled trial and hanging, Elizabeth isn't about to wait around and hope that the lawyer she found Evan will prove his innocence.  No she's going to prove his innocence herself and she'll do whatever it takes to see him freed - even if her has to dodge the Ranger who brought him in.

Rett Smith just can't figure out how Elizabeth Covington was fooled by Hardy.  And why she claims a known killer as her brother is just beyond comprehension.  But when sufficient doubts are raised he is willing to fix his mistake, if only Elizabeth would stay out of his way and let him get his job down and not kill him with her help.

Lone Star Ranger is a light-hearted read that will fill a long week-end afternoon when you want to getaway from all the day-to-day stresses.  From the Heartsong Presents inspirational collection you won't have to worry about unwanted scenes while you read.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author through TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest and timely review.

About the Book: 
And she has one week to prove that her brother isn't the cold-blooded killer Texas Ranger Rett Smith accuses him of being. She'll show the handsome lawman he's wrong, even if it means embarking on a perilous race across Texas to catch the real culprit.

Rett doesn't want to see an innocent man hang. But he can't let the Boston beauty take the law into her own hands. When she follows him into treacherous territory, the lawman vows to keep Elizabeth safe. But who will protect him from the woman whose courage and conviction have him questioning everything—even his heart?

About the Author:                              
       Renae Brumbaugh is a bestselling author and award-winning humor           columnist. She lives in Texas with her handsome, country-boy husband, 
four nearly-perfect children, two not-so-perfect dogs, and about a dozen chickens. In her free time she leaps tall buildings, rescues kittens from 
trees, and tries to be rugged without breaking a fingernail.