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The Battle of Castle Nebula ~ Review

The Battle of Castle Nebula
The Cendrillon Cycle 1
By Stephanie Ricker

If you read the Five Glass Slippers anthology and enjoyed Stephanie Ricker's A Cinder's Tale you have to read The Battle of Castle Nebula.  This novella is set before the events of A Cinder's Tale introducing you to Elsa and Bruno and tragedies that lead them to become cinders and the dangers such a life would bring.

The Battle of Castle Nebula is told from from two different times set 10 years apart.  The first time period covers the Battle of Castle Nebula and the destruction that tore apart both Elsa and Bruno's lives.  The second time period is the beginnings of Elsa and Bruno's friendship though friendship seems unlikely following their first meeting.

But there is something that causes Elsa and Bruno to forge ahead in their respective lives even when giving up would be so easy.  

If you haven't read A Cinder's Tale don't worry you won't be lost and left adrift in the Castle Nebula. You can pick-up a copy of the Five Glass Slipper's and read A Cinder's Tale at a later date and fully enjoy both.  

The Cendrillon Cycle is a promising and enjoyable step into the future.  A future of promise with potential danger lurking nearby.  And when humans are involved in the outcome of what their future holds human nature can be the greatest danger we face or our greatest strength.  I, for one, am looking forward to the second volume in the Cendrillon Cycle with much anticipation

I was provided a copy of the title by the author in exchange for my honest review.

Available for purchase at Amazon The Battle for Castle Nebula and Five Glass Slippers

About the Book:
She has nothing left, not even her dreams. But Elsa Vogel still has her duty, and she will do it, no matter the peril, no matter the anguish in her heart as she leaves her ravaged home planet, perhaps never to return.

And the same tragedy that tore Elsa’s life to pieces also transformed the lives of others. Others who may need a reason to go on living, after the cataclysmic Battle of Castle Nebula…

If you enjoyed the world of A Cinder’s Tale in the Five Glass Slippers anthology, explore that universe further in The Cendrillon Cycle, a series of novellas recounting the past and future adventures of Elsa, Karl, Bruno, and the rest of the cinder crew.