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Forever Amish ~ Review

Forever Amish
Legacy of Lancaster County 3
By Kate Lloyd

I'll be perfectly honest when I got this book I had a hard time getting into it.  It wasn't the book - it was me.  So I put the book aside for a bit of time and read other books that I needed to review.  I then picked up Forever Amish this last weekend and had no trouble getting lost between the covers.

I have not read the first two books in this trilogy, but I don't think that is necessary as the story is Sally Bingham's and she is new to the series too.  So seeing everything through her eyes is as new to me as it is to her.

Sally has been lured to Lancaster County by a young woman Lizzie Zook who is seeking to purchase a dog.  But when Sally arrives she is shocked to discover that Lizzie isn't quite how she pictured her. Lizzie is Amish and her father is a no-nonsense type who won't have a dog in his house.

But the really reason behind Lizzie's motives does not become immediately obvious.  And when the truth comes out Sally's entire world is rocked to its core.  As Sally struggles with rediscovering who she is, Lizzie is going through her own struggles as she to tries to determine what path her life will take.

The root story of Forever Amish seems to be family and the love and support that they can offer us.

I was provided a copy of this book through TBCN/BookFun and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
Sally Bingham needs some time away to sort through the changes in her life and to rethink her upcoming marriage. Despite her ailing father’s hesitations, she takes off for a bed and breakfast in Lancaster County for a weekend away. But her best-laid plans leave her in a near collision with a bishop’s buggy and in the home of a mysterious Amish woman named Lizzie. Lizzie introduces her to a different perspective on life, a charming farmhand named Armin— and opens a Pandora’s box that will forever change Sally’s life.

The latest book in the Legacy of Lancaster trilogy, Forever Amish introduces us to a young woman about to uncover a shocking secret and find an invitation to a new way of living. This is a story of forgiveness, legacies, and the ties that bind through generations.

About the Author:
Author Kate Lloyd is a passionate observer of human relationships. A native of Baltimore, Kate spends time with family and friends in Lancaster County, PA, the inspiration for her best selling novels Leaving Lancaster and Pennsylvania Patchwork, and her newest release, Forever Amish, the third book in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy.

Kate is a member of the Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society. She and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest, the setting for Kate's first novel, A Portrait of Marguerite. Kate studied art and art history in college. She's worked a variety of jobs, including car salesman and restaurateur. As a younger woman, she raised show dogs.

For relaxation and fun, Kate enjoys walking with her camera in hand, beachcombing, and playing with her two young grandchildren.

Find out more about Kate Lloyd at her Website:
Twitter: @KateLloydAuthor
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