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Destiny ~ Review

By Don Brown

Destiny opens in 1938 on a night when the world once again found itself on the brink of an all encompassing war.  We are then taken back to 1931 - Walter Brewer is returning home with his new wife. World War II has yet to make rumblings of its coming threat to America or Jamesville, North Carolina.

Destiny follows the lives of 3 different men and the paths that their lives follow as war slowly engulfs the world in its fever.  Walter Brewer is a simple country postal worker who is about to experience war and its costs.  Meanwhile in England, young Darwin McCloud is faced with his desire to make a difference and earn his father's respect while dealing with his pacifist ideals. And then there is Heinrick Schultz a German who is among the early members of the Nazi party.

Destiny covers a period of nearly 15 years - years in which war links 3 lives in ways no one would expect.  And these links would have a profound and lasting effect that would span national boundaries and touch many lives beyond.

This book is a prequel to Don Brown's Navy Justice series and introduces us to Zack Brewer's grandfather - a man of honor and integrity who finds truths and strengths within himself that he never expected to need.

Fans of World War II historical fiction will love this book and fans of Don Brown's previous work will not be disappointed in this step into the past.  This is a moving story that will leave you with a greater appreciation for what those who served during this time of uncertainty gave.

I was provided a copy of this book through BookFun/TBCN in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book: 
Three men. Three armies. One letter. One destiny.
When World War II hits Walter Brewer's family in the worst possible way, he is torn between his love for two women, his family, and his country. A rural postal carrier in his hometown of Jamesville, North Carolina, Walter has no idea his life is about to become entwined with a Nazi officer and a Royal Naval commando. Will he survive his mission over France as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne, or is the ultimate sacrifice Walter's destiny?

This much-anticipated prequel to Don Brown's acclaimed Navy Justice series is packed with the ravages of love and war, romance and family, and ultimately the power of faith.

About the Author Don Brown: 
A former U.S. Navy JAG officer, Don is the author of the Navy Justice series and the Pacific Rim series. Paying no homage to political correctness, Don’s writing style is described as “gripping,” casting an entertaining and educational spin on a wide range of current issues, from radical Islamic infiltration of the military, to the explosive issue of gays in the military, to the modern day issues of presidential politics in the early twenty first century.
Don graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1982, and after finishing law school, continued his post-graduate studies through the Naval War College, earning the Navy’s nonresident certificate in International Law. During his five years on active duty in the Navy, Don served in the Pentagon, was published in the Naval Law Review, and was also a recipient of the Navy Achievement Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal.