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Revolutionary ~ Review

Anomaly series 3
By Krista McGee

Revolutionary picks up where Luminary left us. Thalli has been recaptured by the State.  After months living above ground Thalli, Alex and Kristie are now at the mercy of the State and all the technology they have at their disposal.  The State and Dr Loudin are determined to bring the outside world under their control and Thalli, Alex, and Kristie are the means to his end.

But Loudin has a special interest in Thalli.  An interest that can't Thalli can't understand, until she learns that the very fact she has always been an anomaly is why she is so important.  But Loudin has discovered Thalli's weakness and he is going to use it against her and those he brought back with her.

The fate of the entire world may very well rest upon the shoulders of Thalli and her friends.  And Thalli will need to use everything she ever learned if she hopes to out-think Loudin.  And she'll need everything that John taught her about Designer to help her through it.

Revolutionary is the exciting conclusion to the Anomaly trilogy.  If you've read the first two books you have to read the conclusion.  Secrets about Thalli are revealed.  And we get to meet John's son James, who just may grow on you, unlike Loudin who just sinks deeper into the evilness that seems to permeate his entire being.  And Loudin is prepared to take lives if that means breaking Thalli's will to fight - the question is whose...

Just be prepared - you may need some tissues - as sacrifices are made.

I was provided a copy of this book through the BookLook blogger program in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

All her life Thalli thought she was an anomaly. 
Now she must use her gifts to fulfill the role she was called to play: Revolutionary.
Back in the hands of the State after months above ground, Thalli, Berk, Alex, and Kristie find themselves caught in a horrible game of power . . . with consequences reaching farther than they ever imagined.

After months in New Hope and Athens, Thalli had almost forgotten what living in the State was like. Programmed to be without emotions or curiosity, she was always an anomaly there. Too emotional. Too curious. Citizens of the State should behave exactly the way the Scientists designed them to behave: working in their assigned fields, maintaining productivity.

Thalli’s entire genetically engineered generation has been eradicated by a scientocracy that believes human life is expendable. Now, a pawn in a mad game of manipulation, held hostage and tortured in the name of the State, Thalli can barely summon the strength to hope that the future of humanity could be any better.

She clings to her new faith in the Designer. But when Thalli discovers that even the surviving above ground villages are in danger of State domination, her fragile faith begins to crumble.

As Thalli, Berk, and Alex make plans to overthrow the evil Dr. Loudin, a chilling secret explains why they have been left alive at all . . . a personal secret that will haunt Thalli forever. And as she struggles with this new truth, she also struggles with decisions of the heart.

Can the State’s expansion be stopped? Or will humanity—above and below the surface—be irreparably damaged?  Thalli is faced with a purpose both overwhelming and undeniable: to assume the role of a Revolutionary.