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Passing Strangers ~ Review

Passing Strangers
By Angela Hunt

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all if you have any hope of surviving.  And Janette Turlington needs to get away from the stresses of her life now.  And an Amtrak train tour is her escape.  The stress of dealing with her 25 year old troubled daughter is about to pull her under.

Andie Crystal has been trying to escape her past as a reality star by throwing herself into job.  But suddenly she is forced into taking an all expense paid vacation by her employer.  And Andie hates traveling.  And adding to her stress, she's just learned her mother is dying but wants to turn it into a media circus reunion show.

Matthew Scofield lost his wife a year ago and he is at a crossroad where his 2 young children are concerned.  He can't keep keep a sitter because of his work schedule.  He is getting desperate to find stability for Roman and Emilia, but he's not willing to sacrifice his career doing it.

When these 3 come together old wounds will start to heal and they get an insight into their own situations that they didn't have before.  Sometimes we need to step back and let someone see for us so that get a clear view.  This is an interesting book in that it looks at 3 different people who are going through 3 different difficulties in their personal lives and how they find help when they reach out to help one another.

I was provided a copy of this book through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
A train roars over the rails, carrying passengers on a trip that will change their lives.

Among the many people aboard the 97 Silver Meteor are Andie Crystal, a lonely young woman hiding from her youth as a reality TV star; Matthew Scofield, a widower trying to escape his responsibilities to his two young children; and Janette Turlington, a middle–aged mother running from a situation that has destroyed the peace in her home and marriage.

These three form a makeshift family on an Amtrak tour through the Southern seaboard, a journey that just might heal their wounded hearts and restore them to the people to whom they matter most . . .