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The Treasured Brides Collection ~ Review

The Treasured Brides Collection
By Grace Livingston Hill

              Three Timeless Romances 
                               from a Beloved Author 

I've always loved the simple beauty found in Grace Livingston Hill's books.  So when The Book Club Network offered a chance to read and review this just released collection from Barbour I jumped at the chance.  After all these were 3 stories from Grace Livingston Hill that I had never read before.

The first story is The Big Blue Soldier.  The First World War has ended and Sergeant Lyman Gage has just received word that his business has failed, his fiancee has become engaged to another man, and he is in debt to his former fiancee's father.  Lyman is understandably dejected when he is approached by an unusual woman who invites him to dinner and to pretend that he is her nephew.

What follows is a delightful and sweet story about seeing past the outer person and seeing the heart.  The kindness of strangers heals a broken heart and brings happiness to a hurting lonely heart.

The second story is Found Treasure.  Effie Martin is a despised young woman - her youthful, tomboyish habits are felt to be an embarrassment to anyone unfortunate to be caught in her company.  Her mother despairs of ever turning this selfish, self-centered girl into a lady and her sister Eleanor loathes her little sister who tries to get her part in Eleanor's activities.  But Effie is searching for something, she feels unwanted by anyone and wonders if there is even a purpose to her very being.

But when Effie steps forward and saves a life she comes to the attention of several people, including Lawrence Earle.  Lawrence helps Effie to become more than she ever saw herself becoming.  She became Euphemia a "woman of good repute" all because someone was willing to give her a chance.

This story finds the worth and treasure of a person within their heart.  Outward appearance and monetary worth mean nothing if one cannot find peace and comfort in a relationship with God.

The third story is The Patch of Blue.  Chris Walton had everything.  A father of good standing who was the bank president.  He lived in a spacious house in an elegant well-to-do neighborhood.  He was heading for his final year of college, played football, and was making the most of his life when everything changed. When his family's life of privilege was suddenly over Chris learns who his true friends are.  And he learns who he truly is thanks to Natalie Halsey.

This story shows that one's happiness need not be tied to wealth, position, and possessions but rather in a daily walk with God and contentment with what we do have.  This is shown in the changes of Chris's demeanor and attitude from the opening until the closing of the story.

One item of note concerning this book it is not large print, but the print is larger than most books that are regular print - so if you like large print books this maybe one you want to check-out.

Thanks to The Book Club Network and Barbour for offering me this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:

            GRACE LIVINGSTON HILL (1865–1947) is known as the pioneer of Christian romance. Grace wrote over one hundred faith-inspired books during her lifetime. When her first husband died, leaving her with two daughters to raise, writing became a way to make a living, but she always recognized storytelling as a way to share her faith in God. She has touched countless lives through the years and continues to touch lives today. Her books feature moving stories, delightful characters, and love in its purest form.

Grace Livingston Hill began writing stories in 1877 at the tender age of twelve and didn’t stop until her death in 1947. But what may be more amazing is that she has sold over 84 million copies and is still loved by young and old alike.

About the Book:
            Take a step back to a slower paced life the 1930s and 40s, and discover the joy of old-fashioned romance as penned by one of America’s most beloved authors. Lightly updated for today’s reader, this collection of three romances—including The Big Blue Soldier, Found Treasure, and The Patch of Blue—is the perfect pathway to discovering a timeless author. Grace Livingston Hill created enduring characters who go through every human emotion. They are realistic individuals looking to fit in and find a place of contentment in life. Love meets them in their struggles and faith points them to eternal hope and peace.