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In Perfect Time ~ Review

In Perfect Time cover image
In Perfect Time
Wings of the Nightingale 3
By Sarah Sundin

Sometimes an event can change a person's life and if ever someone needed an event to make a mark on their life it is Kay Jobson.  Kay is hiding from the pain of her past, unfortunately she going about it all wrong.  She has a string of boyfriends at her beck-and-call.  But for the most part it is all meaningless to Kay.  After all she refuses to fall in love.  

But when when pilot Lt. Roger Cooper doesn't fall for her even when she turns on the charm, she's shocked. And even worse he seems to go out of his way to avoid her.

But Roger is attracted to Kay, but he knows trouble when he sees it and she is it!  But there are times when Kay slips and glimpses of who she could be are seen.  And Roger intrigues Kay/  Who is this man who avoids her, seems very boring, and has hidden talents that are in contrast to how he appears?

While In Perfect Time is Kay and Roger's story, Mellie and Tom and Georgie and Hutch aren't forgotten.  And they are in fact important to the story, especially Mellie and Georgie.  You won't be disappointed in this newest addition to the Wings of the Nightingales.

Take a step back in time as the European Theater enters it's final months and life-and-death is a flight away in this charming and touching story of hope and forgiveness.  Sometimes things aren't as they appear and we need to peek beneath the masks that are hiding what lies within the heart.

In Perfect Time is the third and final book in the Wings of the Nightingale series.  I've read all three books in the series and have to say I loved all of them, but I think this one may be my favorite.  I love Kay Jobson's growth as a person throughout the series.  Kay goes from a person whom your like ughhh she here to Oh, Kay's here!  And getting her back-story certainly goes a long way in helping a person identify with this hurting person.

This would make a great book club selection and should be on the shelf of any fan of historical fiction set at the time of WWII.  And yes this book can stand alone but it is best when read with the other two books in the series (With Every Letter and On Distant Shores).

I was provided a free copy of this book by the publisher, Revell, in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

Two hearts are about to learn the rhythm of love 

Bold, sophisticated, and coy, Army Air Force flight nurse Lt. Kay Jobson collects hearts wherever she flies, leaving men pining in airfields all across Europe. So how can ruggedly handsome C-47 pilot Lt. Roger Cooper be all but immune to her considerable charms? In fact, he seems to do everything he can to avoid her.

Still, as they cross the skies between Italy and southern France, evacuating the wounded and delivering paratroopers and supplies, every beat of their hearts draws them closer. Can they overcome the fears and misunderstandings of the past in order to take hold of the future?

Sarah Sundin seamlessly weaves together emotion, action, and sweet romance into a tale that transcends time and calls us to believe in the power of love.