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Stolen But Not Lost ~ Review

Stolen But Not Lost
By Janet Tombow

Stolen but not Lost is one woman's journey to discover the truth behind her mother's abandonment, what she learns is not what she expected.

When her mother leaves Janet behind her father soon marries again giving Janet a new mother.  But Janet's childhood was not happy as she was frequently abused by her step-mother.  The insecurities that became part of Janet's personality kept her from seeking the truth for years.

The journey to the truth that Janet embarks on will at time bring you to tears.  This is one woman's journey to healing and freedom.

I was provided a copy of this book through TBCN/ in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

"How could a Mother not love her child?" What if you thought you weren't loved or wanted your whole life...only to learn there was another shocking side to this story?!

When the deliberately hidden truths were revealed at last, would you then ask: "How can people do these hurtful things to one another?!" What if God wanted you to know the truth, but you weren't listening or obeying Him quickly enough?

What if the journey would take nearly a lifetime...over 45 years...of grief, regrets, and finally some miracles, to overcome the lies you were told?

Could you handle this plan for your life? In this heart-warming true story, see how the author discovered the truth, finally yielded to God's will, and had a whole new future opened to her...before it was too late! Learn how even the unfathomable truth...can truly set you free!