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Castles of the Heart ~ Review

Castles of the Heart
By Hale Meserow

Starlight Evelyn O'Bannion hasn't let her southern upbringing cloud her quest to find justice in the court of law.  Star is a woman who is working to create a life for herself and her daughter in the 1940's as a lawyer when an old family friend reaches out for her help.  His grandson a teenager of color has been accused of the murder of a well-known white woman.  And in the south this is a death sentence without a trial even needing to be necessary.

But Star has to cut through deep seeded prejudices and get to the truth.  To her the evidence against Samson is obviously fabricated.  And in her opinion the true murder/thief is behind these accusations.  But can she prove it before a jury?

This was an interesting and attention grabbing story that will hold yours as well.  Star is an intriguing character whom I'd like to see in a follow-up book at some future date.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author/publisher through TBCN/ in exchange for my honest review.