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A Woman of Fortune ~ Review

A Woman of Fortune
Texas Gold #1
By Kellie Coates Gilbert

Having read a previous book by the author (Mother of Pearl) I was curious to check-out Kellie's newest offering.

Claire Massey's life is about to come crashing down around her and the worst part is it is all of her husband's own making.  For years Claire has been the envy of Texas.  She lives in the best house.  She has the most expensive cars.  And if her shoes are a shade off from her dress, she'll get another pair and cost is of no concern.

Claire's daughter Lainie is about to marry the rising star of the Texas political scene.  And Lainie is convinced that the spotlight that she's standing in is her right by birth, after all she knows she's something special and everyone deserves to know it too.  Claire's sons are opposites - Garrett is following in Daddy's footsteps. Garret never stepped out of line and never an embarrassment to his family.  Max lived a little fast and was a source of disappointment to his father.  Max wasn't involved in the family business - instead working for a local newspaper.

Tuck Massey was a loving and devoted husband and father.  But when he is accused of fraud in his cattle brokerage his family is about to fall hard.  But could the man that Claire has loved for more than 30 years even be capable of such deception?

This book looks at the strength of family bonds.  And it is interesting to see how all the Massey's react to this sudden change in their social and financial standing.  And when another crisis occurs they all realize just how important family truly is.

Kellie Coates Gilbert has a way of writing about a family caught in the middle of an unexpected crisis. Through it her characters come to discover who they truly are and what truly matters to them.  Happiness is not a given in life, but it is a possibility if one isn't afraid to work through periods of difficulty.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher through their Revell Reads blogger program in exchange for my honest review.