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Goldtown Adventures Book 3 and 4 ~ Review

Canyon of Danger
Goldtown Adventures #3
By Susan K. Marlow

With his dad away Jem Coulter is the man of the family for two weeks.  But just as his dad takes a prisoner to Sacramento trouble comes to Goldtown - starting with a wolf!  But Jem is sure he can handle the wolf until he shoots a stranger, loses his horse and Pa's rifle all on the same night.

What's a fella to do?  Well, for starters convince the deputies to do their job and then track down Cooper and find the riders who are stealing the horses in Goldtown.  And he has to get it done before Pa gets back and before Aunt Rose stops him.  And if he needs to go to Blackwater Canyon to do it, Jem is headed there no matter the danger.

Adventure is Jem's passion and the new former Pony Express Rider who's come to Goldtown has stories that will thrill and enthrall Jem, Nathan, and Ellie.  But just who is Rafe and why did he come to Goldtown and more importantly why is he creeping around on Coulter land?  Just another mystery for Jem to solve.

 River of Peril
Goldtown Adventures #4
By Susan K. Marlow

The Coulter family is making a trip to Sacramento.  And though he should be excited, something about this trip just feels wrong to Jem, starting with Pa's behavior.  And when the stagecoach is held up Jem knew he was right to be worried.

Gold for the Union is at stake and Jem, Nathan, and Ellie are about get caught in the Confederates desire to capture the gold.  And the Knights of the Golden Circle aren't about to be outsmarted by anyone.  And Ellie is just the leverage they need the find where the gold is being stored.

Can Jem find Ellie in time or will he lose his sister forever?  Take a trip into the past at the time of the Gold Rush when steamships and stagecoaches were the way to travel.  History comes alive in this book.

These are fun books that are sure to appeal to the middle grade boy in your life. These would also be a great supplement for homeschoolers studying California, the Gold Rush, the Pony Express and the Civil War. What better way to capture the attention of young men than with enjoyable and educational reading?

I was provided with a copy of both of these by Kregel in exchange for my honest review and participation in this blog tour.

About the Series:
It's 1864. The Gold Rush is about over, but there's still plenty of adventure for 12-year-old Jem Coulter. Whether panning for gold with his sister, Ellie, adjusting to Pa's new job as sheriff of rowdy Goldtown, or getting caught in the belly of an old mine, Jem's life is exciting, with plenty of opportunities to learn to trust God.

Be sure to check-out the Goldtown Adventures website here.