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Shadows of the Past ~ Review

Shadows of the Past
Logan Point #1
By Patricia Bradley

Sometimes the power of the past holds us captive, but our mind twists it so that sometimes reality and imagination become distorted in what we know or what we think we should know.  But knowing the truth can free to move out of the past and into the present with a hope of what the future may hold.

Taylor Martin is still dealing from the fallout from her father's desertion 20 years ago and to make it worse the long forgotten nightmares have returned.  But this time Taylor is determined to find the answers to the questions she hasn't been allowed to ask.

But someone is stalking Taylor and she's convinced she knows the stalker, even if she can't prove it yet.  When a family situation takes her home, she never realized that her problems would follow her from Washington to Mississippi.  Even worse now her family will learn the truth about her job and the dangers she faces.  What could be worse?

Running into the man whose brother she suspects is definitely worse.  Especially when there seems to be a possible attraction between them.  But romance and another failed relationship is the last thing Taylor wants.  And the last thing that Nick Sinclair wants or needs is a woman who lives life on the edge, especially since his wife's violent murder.

Nick Sinclair is searching for Scott his estranged brother.  But by tracking Scott down to Newton, Washington, he finds that his little brother may be in even bigger trouble than he ever imagined.  Scott is accused of stalking and worse Taylor Martin seems convinced that Scott is guilty.  How did a sweet, caring young man from Tennessee get himself into such a mess?

When circumstances bring Taylor and Nick together again, they decide to come to a mutual truce to discover the truth.  For Nick it is clearing his brother and for Taylor it is stopping her stalker.  Can these two hurting people move out of the Shadows of the Past and embrace whatever the future may hold?

This a good weekend read and you will be trying to figure out who did it along with Taylor and Nick. It may or may not be who you think...  Some truths are better left to the past, while others need to see the light of day so that the power they wield may be ended.  I'm looking forward to future installments in the Lone Point series and more from the Martin and Sinclair families and maybe a few more family mysteries being solved.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Revell in exchange for my honest review of this book.

While she's stalking the truth . . . someone is stalking her.
Psychology professor and criminal profiler Taylor Martin prides herself on being able to solve any crime, except the one she wants most desperately to solve--the disappearance of her father twenty years ago. When she finally has a lead on his whereabouts, Taylor returns home to Logan Point, Mississippi, to investigate. But as she works to uncover the truth, someone else will do almost anything to keep her from it.

Nick Sinclair pens mystery novels for a living, but the biggest mystery to him is how he can ever get over the death of his wife--a tragedy he believes he could have prevented. Now that his estranged brother is the only family he has left, Nick sets out to find him. But when he crosses paths with Taylor, all he seems to find is trouble.

Join the chase as Taylor and Nick search the murky shadows of the past for the keys to unlocking the present--and moving into a future they never imagined.