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Luminary ~ Review

Anomaly #2
By Krista McGee

Luminary picks up shortly after Thalli, Berk, Rhen, and John have escaped from the State.  But can anyone ever truly escape from the State.  They are about to find out...

Using technology that Berk managed to procure for them they set out looking for people who may have survived on the surface.  But the surface isn't any safer and they may not survive long enough to find the very survivors that they seek.

Not only do our friends survive, but they discover truths about their past that have been hidden away from them.  Thalli, Berk, Rhen learn to experience life as primitive humans did.  And John has a chance to again feel the sun on his face and to share the story of the Creator with those who haven't heard of Him.

But there is more to the surface and peace does not reign there and Thalli may be their only chance to survive.  The fate and lives of those closest to her hinges on Thalli's ability to discern the truth and to withstand a manipulation not all that different from the State.  With not only her life but her heart on the line Thalli has a choice to make...

Luminary is as good if not better than Anomaly.  Thalli's confusion at life above the surface and her new emotions that she no longer has to suppress make her an endearing character whom one would like to spend more time with.  Thalli has a strength of character that makes her willing to sacrifice herself to save others.

The glimpses that one gets of the State after the escape shows the total lack of moral fiber that some of the Ten have.  Manipulation is definitely key to their society.

I have to highly recommend Luminary and am eagerly awaiting Revolutionary (which is due July 2014)!  Just to warn you cliffhanger!!!  Krista has penned yet another winner.

I was provided a copy of this book through the BookSneeze Reviewer Program and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Luminary by Krista McGee
Anomaly series (Book 2)
Available in  print and ebook
Thomas Nelson

Thalli thought escaping to the surface would mean freedom. But is she any less of an anomaly aboveground?

After escaping an underground annihilation chamber, Thalli, Berk, Rhen, and John find themselves fleeing across the former United States, aboveground for the first time. As the defectors cross the for gotten landscape, the three youths see things the y had only read about on screens: horses, rain, real books—and a colony of unsanctioned survivors living the ancient way in a town called New Hope.

When the citizens of New Hope reveal the truth of what happened years ago, Thalli is left unsettled and skeptical of everything she’s ever been told. Can she trust anything from the State, including her own feelings for Berk? When she volunteers for a peace mission to New Hope’s violent neighbor, Athens, her confusion mounts as the supposedly ruthless Prince Ale x turns out to be kind and charming. Although everyone in New Hope warned her not to, she can’t help but fall for him.

Meanwhile, John’s unwavering faith in the goodness of the Designer begins to make its mark on Thalli’s heart. But can Thalli really come to trust in a generous, protective Designer who rules over all things? Would that not be setting herself up for another betrayal?

The time for her to decide is now . . . because the State is closing in.