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Unspoken ~ Review

By Dee Henderson

Charlotte Graham's never spoken about the kidnapping. 
Sixteen years later, she's the only one who knows the truth. 
But, even now, can she risk sharing it?

Ann and Paul Falcon are working on a cold case - a kidnapping gone bad, a child dead and buried and few clues.  But Ann and Paul are determined to close this case.

Meanwhile Bryce Bishop is about to get the offer of a lifetime.  A strange meeting with a mysterious woman leaves him in a possession with a fortune in collectible coins - some of which are very rare.  By saying yes Bryce has gotten his wish - life is not quite so boring and it is about to get even more intriguing as agrees to a longer term business proportion with the mysterious and guarded Charlotte Graham.

Who is Charlotte Graham and why is Bryce so drawn to this woman who has been guarding a secret for more than fifteen years?  But Bryce may be just what Charlotte needs to help her deal with the secrets she's been keeping and to finally heal from what she experienced when she was kidnapped as a sixteen year old girl and held for four years.

When a threat from the past returns, the stakes are higher than ever and Charlotte may be the only hope of stopping it - if she can remember...

If you liked Full Disclosure you have to read Unspoken.  The connections between Ann and Paul and Bryce and Charlotte just add another layer of complexity to the story that just adds to its draw.  If you have read Dee Henderson in the past you won't be disappointed with Unspoken!  Unspoken is on my to purchase list as it is one book I know that I'll want to read again - yes, it is that good!

I was provided a digital ARC loan of this title by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.