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The Dawn of Christmas ~ Review

The Dawn of Christmas
By Cindy Woodsmall

When Sadie Yoder's heart was broken by her wayward fiancee, she was the one found at fault in eyes of most people.  Four years have passed and Daed wants her to return home.  But Sadie is determined to remain single and return on yet another mission trip to Peru.  But Daed won't hear of it, it's time for her to return home and settle down.

What's a girl to do?

When Sadie finds an injured man, she secretly gets him aid.  Soon she and Levi hatch a plan - they will pretend to be seeing each other and so lessen the demands and expectations of their respective families.

But what happens when pretend becomes real?  And when Sadie's former fiancee again comes into her life what will she do?  Can one overcome hurt and betrayal or will the lies just continue?

I do think Sadie's family and friends were a little hard on her not believing her and what she saw. But overall The Dawn of Christmas is a sweet story with some of your favorite characters from other Apple Ridge Christmas stories from Cindy Woodsmall making an appearance.  I really liked this book and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a Christmas story with a touch of romance without an overabundance of sap included.  And this time of year sap should stay on the Christmas trees!

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

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