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How Did They Do That? ~ Review

How Did They Do That?
Career Highlights, Triumphs, and Challenges
By Deborah Tompkins Johnson

Touching on the lives of 12 different people who have succeeded in their lives, we the reader are taken on a journey of triumph.  Many times adversities have to be overcome in order for the person to achieve their goal.

In each case the person was focused on their goal and they made the effort to achieve.  Education and the support of those in their lives is a common thread running throughout their lives.

Each story is told from the perspective of the person about whom is the focus, which adds a distinctive and unique flavor to each. This book would be a great gift to give to a young person in your life as it would be an encouragement to them as they determine the path that they are about to forge for their own life.

I was provided a copy of this book by BookFun (dot) org and the publisher/author in exchange for my honest review.

About How Did They Do That: Career Highlights triumphs and challenges

Deborah Tompkins Johnson said she wrote the book with young people in mind. “If they can read about different people, their experiences, they can find that helpful,” she said. “I hope the book will…let them know that you have to have a plan, but almost always, the plan is going to change…to expect that. Life happens.”

When asked about plans for another book, Johnson said that for now she is focused on the success of How Did They Do That? “So happy to say this book is completed…very thankful and hope that many people will find it beneficial,” she said. Her plans include speaking engagements where she can share the lessons learned in researching the book.

“It’s ok to write in this book, take notes,” said Johnson. “Pass it on to a young person who is maybe new to their career, or graduating. Join me in this effort to encourage young people.”