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A December Bride ~ Review

A December Bride
A Year of Weddings Novella
Denise Hunter

Every couple has a love story. Join us for a year of contemporary, seasonal wedding novellas, releasing in e-book every month. Each e-novella will include an excerpt from another wedding story in the Year of Weddings Collection as well as a list of the author’s full-length novels. 

A December Bride is the first in the A Year of Weddings novellas.
Layla O'Reilly is desperate, her date for ex-fiance's wedding has canceled on her just hours before the wedding.  And desperation alone has her going to the wedding with Seth Murphy - the man she blames for breaking her engagement to Jack.

In a moment of chivalry Seth informs Jack and his new bride Jessica that he and Layla are engaged.  But before Seth can explain the true situation to Jack the news travels throughout Chapel Springs and Seth and Layla are literally the talk of the town.  And Layla may get her dream job because of this "engagement" if only she and Seth can keep up the act for the next three weeks.

But for Seth the hard part of the act is that for him it is no act, Layla has captured his heart if only she'd accept it and know that he had no part in his best friend's betrayal.  But can he get Layla to put aside her anger and see that he was there for her before Jack knew she existed?  He has just days to win her heart before the engagement is ended.

This is the perfect week-end read on a snowy afternoon.  A December wedding is a special event and you've been invited to take a front row seat!

I was provided a digital loan of this title by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


Happily ever after begins today. The honor of your presence is requested at a December wedding. Happily ever after guaranteed.  
What started as a whim turned into an accidental - and very public - engagement. Can Layla and Seth keep up the facade in Chapel Springs this holiday season - for the sake of her career . . . and his heart?
Under normal circumstances, Seth Murphy, the best friend of Layla O'Reilly's ex-fiance would be the last person she'd marry. But the news of their upcoming (and phony) nuptials convinces a big client that Layla may be high-society enough to work for his agency, a coup that would put her fledgling home-staging business on the map. Seth has secretly loved Layla for years, even when she was dating his best friend. Maybe she'll never forgive him for the way he hurt her back then, but he has to try. And Layla is willing to keep up their engagement farce until she's landed her client. For Layla, it's the chance to save her career. But for Seth, it's his last chance to win her heart.