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Pirates on the Farm ~ Review

Pirates on the Farm
~ The Next Door Series ~
Written by Denette Fretz
Illustrated by Gene Barretta

What  would you do if a crew of pirates moved into the farm next door?  What kind of neighbor would you be?  Well, Pirates on the Farm looks at just such a situation from the perspective of the young girl on the farm next door.

With their swashbuckling ways the pirates next door make the town folk nervous.  Dad and Joey are more than willing to help out their new neighbors while Mother was anything but pleased.

But when Joey invites their new neighbors over to celebrate the holidays everyone learns a lesson in being good neighbors and seeing how important it is to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Take your young reader on an excursion that open their eyes to the importance of showing God's love to those around us, because what we give grows.

The illustrations and story will give you and your young reader an enjoyable reading experience.  Some of the pirates antics are quite funny.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this book is priceless with what it offers in the way of entertainment!

I was provided a copy of this book by DJC Communications and Zondervan in exchange for my honest review.

About the book:
The Pirates Next Door, written by Denette Jenkins Fretz and illustrated by Gene Barretta, tells the tale of five brazen pirates who swap high seas adventures for life on a farm.

No one ever imagined that five swashbuckling pirates would settle in our proper little southern community. But they did.

When pirates move in next door, life on the farm is bound to get interesting. But will the unadventurous Sanders family be able to handle the pirates’ bad manners, ghastly grub, and outrageous antics? Or will they learn the importance of loving one’s neighbor and help the graceless pirates find their “land legs”?