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Lucy the Dinosaur ~ Series Review

Lucy the Dinosaur!
By Joey Ahlbum

Lucy the Dinosaur! is a delightful series of books that appeal to young children.  And of even greater appeal to mom and dad as their children are entertained while learning lessons with Lucy.

In Nice to Meet You! we are introduced to Lucy and her friends.  Lucy's friends are a diverse group who agree that "everything's better when shared with good friends!"

In Count with Me 1, 2, 3 Lucy takes your child on a outdoor adventure where insects (such as butterflies, ladybugs and ants) are a fun and colorful learning experience as the numbers 1 through 10 are introduced.

In Learning Opposites Lucy teaches about words that are the opposite of each other.  The book is written with a rhyming rhythm that will capture the attention of young listeners/readers as words like hot and cold, up and down, day and night are contrasted.

In Summer Games Lucy and her friends spend the day playing games and enjoying the outdoors on a summer day.  Skateboarding and other fun dinosaur games are played and Lucy declares at the end that they are all champions!

In Day at the Beach Lucy and her friends spend the day playing at the beach where they make a new friend and learn the value of not judging others by their appearance.

In Playtime Fun Lucy and her friends spend the day outside playing and having fun.  When the day is done Lucy goes home and tells her family about the day she's had.

I was provided a digital copy of each of the above books for the purpose of reviewing them in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:
Joey Ahlbum is an animator and illustrator who has worked on classic shows Clifford’s Puppy Days and Elmo’s World, a Sesame Street production. He has been featured on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, MTV, Frederator, and PBS. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and daughter.
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About the Book:
Lucy the Dinosaur is a set of 15 books written by Joey Ahlbum. Moms and dads looking for the best kid’s picture book will love Frederator Books’ newest read along digital book!

Lucy is an explorer and a leader.  She has a natural curiosity about things because Lucy wants to learn.  Meet Lucy and her other dino friends as they learn, joke and skateboard!

Lucy is a larger than life dinosaur who loves adventures.  With Lucy in the lead, her loyal crew crawls, skates, and dances their way to learning.  Lucy’s curiosity holds no bounds—she counts, she hunts for treasure, she even puts on a play!  Veteran animator, Joey Ahlbum will charm kids with his friendly and dynamic art.  Fans of Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, Sandra Boynton and Mo Willems will love these cheerful read alongs.