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Dark Halo ~ Review

Dark Halo
Angel Eyes Trilogy #3
By Shannon Dittemore

One halo brought sight to Brielle. Another offers sweet relief from what she sees.

With the Terrestrial Veil tearing above Stratus the Celestial starts to seep into the world as an epic battle rages between Heavenly and demonic forces.  Jake has been taken by Damien.  Marcus and Liv have left Stratus and Marcus unknowingly took Cannan's halo with him.

But Brielle can now see without the halo and what she sees is frightening - demons lurk everywhere and fear is visible to her as it oozes off people.  And without the halo her nightmares are intensifying.

When Brielle and Kaylee set out to search for Jake, Brielle is about to get more than she ever imagined when she is brought before the Prince himself.  When given a choice the take the Prince's halo to stop her sight, Brielle is torn.  The peace of not seeing the fear and the battles, not dreaming is a powerful temptation.  But is she willing to give up her gift for a chance at normalcy?  Only time will tell.

Dark Halo picks up right where Broken Wings left off.  Olivia and Marco's characters are more fully developed.  And there is an interesting connection surrounding several of the characters that just draws the story together in a unexpected though not unwelcome way.

This is also an interesting look at free will.  How is God's gift to us of free will different from the free will that Satan offers us?  How many when given a choice, actually put on the manacles of Satan, believing the lies that he offers us.  This is a fantastic finale for this trilogy and the afterword just completes everything so that the reader can leave this series happy.

The entire Angel Eye trilogy has dealt with the atrocity known as human trafficking in its various forms.  This is a fantasy with a powerful message to teach.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review.

Book Description

One halo brought sight to Brielle. Another offers sweet relief from what she sees.
Brielle can’t help but see the Celestial. Even without the halo, the invisible realm is everywhere she looks. It’s impossibly beautiful—and terrifying, especially now. Because a battle rages above Stratus, Oregon.
The Terrestrial Veil is ripping, and demons walk the streets past unseeing mortals. Dark, sticky fear drips from every face, and nightmares haunt Brielle’s sleep.
Worst of all, Jake is gone. The only boy she’s ever loved has been taken by the demon, Damien. When she receives instructions from the Throne Room leading her to Jake, she unknowingly walks into a diabolical and heartbreaking trap.
Now she’s stranded in a sulfurous desert with the Prince of Darkness himself, and he’s offering her another halo—a mirrored ring that will destroy her Celestial vision. All she has to do is wear it and she’ll see no more of the invisible world. No more fear. No more nightmares. No more demons. It’s a gift. And best of all: it comes with the promise of a future with Jake, something the Throne Room seems to be taking from her.
Will Brielle trade the beauty of the Celestial and the truth of the world around her just to feel ordinary again?