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The Runaway King ~ Review

The Runaway King
By Jennifer A. Neilsen

Sage now Jaron has been recognized as the true heir to the throne.  But the threats against his life have been renewed when he attacked in the garden on the night of his family’s funeral.  The Avenian pirates have threatened to go to war with Carthya unless Jaron turns himself over to the Roden and the pirates in 10 days in Isel and he releases Bevin Conner.  King Vargan has threatened to go to war with Carthya unless Jaron turn over Carthyan land.
With his regents determined to put a steward on the throne in his stead, Jaron is left with few options to protect Carthya.  With his regents threatening to 1) place a steward on the throne until he comes of age and 2) send him into hiding Jaron is faced with a decision that will decide the fate of his rule and that of Carthya   When Jaron is left with the feeling that he is missing something  when he confronts Connor in the dungeon he sets out to find the pirates and stop them and Devlin before it is too late.  But time is short as the pirates have given him 10 days and the regents will act within 9.  Is there enough time to secure his position and to save those he holds dear?
Who can Jaron trust with the truth of what he has planned?  Mott?  Tobias?  Princess Amarinda?  Kerwyn the high chamberlain?  Gregor captain of the guard?  Can one of these people who are within his inner circle truly be trusted with information that could cost Jaron his life and how is he to know?
The Runaway King takes up where The False Prince left us and this is one sequel that won’t disappoint!  Action, sacrifice, betrayals and Jaron being yet again a fool – The Runaway King has it all.
The ending will leave you wanting more and is an excellent set up for the third book in the Ascendance Trilogy.