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Backyard Horses Books 3 and 4 ~ Review

Chasing Dream
Backyard Horses #3
By Dandi Daley Makall

Ellie is determined to prove to everyone what a fabulous horse that Dream is.
But for some reason all of Ellie’s ideas seem to backfire.  And added to this is
the concern that Dream is somehow getting out of her backyard pasture.  How can a horse get loose and still have all the gates locked and the fences up?

But when Ellie’s dreams of making Dream into a star interfere with her promises to friends and family and even threaten Dream’s life Ellie is racked with guilt.

When Dream pulls through her bout of colic, which could have killed her, Ellie learns that family and friends are there for you when you need them the most.

Night Mare
Backyard Horses #4
By Dandi Daley Makall

When a school blogging project puts Dream in the spotlight, Dream’s former owner comes forward to reclaim the wayward fence-jumper.  With no way to fight against this claim, Ellie is sure to lose her dream and Dream!

But when her brother’s newest fish dies Ellie learns a lesson in pushing through each day and being glad with what she does have.

But before you tear up too much there is a happy ending for Ellie and Dream, not to give anything away!  Ellie's Night Mare may turn into a happy Dream!