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Avenger ~ Review

A Halflings Novel
By Heather Burch

Sometimes facing your destiny means risking everything.

Something is coming after Nikki and nothing can stop it.  Raven is determined to keep Nikki safe and takes her into hiding.  But where can you hide when your blood is calling to your enemy?

The other Halflings are hiding something from Nikki, something about her past and Vessler.  Something that Nikki feels she needs to know.  But the  others are trying to protect Nikki from the truth of what Vessler has planned for her.

Nikki's need to know gives Vessler what he needs to bring Nikki to him of her own free will.  Now if he can just turn her Nikki will become the mother to a race of Darklings who will destroy the Halflings.

Avenger is Nikki's journey of discovery.  A journey of the spiritual.  A journey of the heart.  A journey of self.  And a journey of sacrifice.  Join Nikki as she discovers what it is to be a Halfling and the desires of her heart.

Avenger brings Nikki's journey of discovery to an exciting and emotional end.  I highly recommend Avenger to anyone who has read the previous two books Halfings and Guardian and well as fans of YA and speculative Christian fiction.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and DJC Communications in exchange for my honest review of Avenger.