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Guest Post ~ The Reclaimed Heart by Denise Hildreth Jones

The Reclaimed Heart

We were lost. Hopelessly lost. It wasn’t until we found ourselves right smack dab in a parade in Helen, Georgia that we figured out we had just traveled way out of our way and we weren’t even close to where we were supposed to be. I also realized on this trip that I am not a destination girl. I am a journey girl.

I am mathematically challenged. I tell my husband that the left side of my brain doesn’t even work. The only thing I remember in all those years of math beside the simple one plus one equals two, is what I learned in Geometry, a subject I am certain I only passed because the teacher couldn’t bear to see me be tortured for another year. I learned that the shortest distance between two points is and always will be a straight line. So, it makes sense to me that if you are going to do something and a straight line is available, by all means why in the world would you go around your elbow to get to your thumb!

But I learned on that trip that sometimes journeys can be a good thing. And some things will never be a destination. Such is the truth of “reclaiming”. Our hearts will never be completely reclaimed until Jesus returns. Reclaiming is a journey, not a destination. There are parts of my heart that I worked diligently to reclaim after my divorce. Many of those parts I still have to work daily on keeping reclaimed in this new life of bonus-mom to five kiddos! You know what…God is present in each one. Why? Because He told us clearly, “Above all else guard your heart…” He knew this would be something that we would have to do continually.

Friend, in this journey and battle for your heart don’t get stuck in the lie that it is a destination. That once you
get it you’ve got it. No follow up visit needed. No, my friend, there is no bumper sticker or t-shirt you get because you’ve “reclaimed” your heart. But what there is on the journey is some amazing views, some interesting characters, (that parade in Helen had an Elvis impersonator riding in a convertible!) and some time for really good conversations. Don’t miss the journey because you’re focused on the destination. Your heart is too valuable for that.