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Invisible ~ Review

By Ginny L. Yttrup

When three woman, who are hurting, connect through chance meetings they are about to go a journey of healing that will change their lives and how they see  themselves.

How can you make yourself invisible and hide from your problems and your pain?  Ellyn, who runs a cafe in Mendocino, avoids personal relationships and enjoys food.  Twila, a twenty-something young woman, avoids food.  Sabina is hiding from life by leaving everyone and everything she knows back home.

Ellyn has been trying to lose weight for years, but nothing works.  When she gets down she turns to food for comfort.  Determined to give it another go, she goes to Corners of the Mouth and meets Twila.  Twila is working in her mother's health-food store and more than happy to share her knowledge of nutrition with Ellyn and her love of God.

When Sabina decides that she wants something other than frozen entrees she goes to Ellyn's where she meets Ellyn.  Ellyn and Sabina soon strike up a friendship.  When Ellyn finds out that Sabina doesn't cook and is suffering from depression, she takes it on her self to help Sabina by not letting her depression to pull her further down.

When Miles Becker takes an interest in Ellyn, she is frightened.  Why would any man, especially one as good looking as Miles, be interested in an overweight, middle-aged woman?  But Sabina returns Ellyn's kindness by pushing her to not hide away.  Ellyn's employees Rosa and Paco also refuse to let her hide behind her work.  Can Ellyn overcome her fears or will she push even the possibilty of romance out her life forever?

All three woman are about to be healed when they turn their pains and fears over to God.  When they begin to see themselves as who God created them, beings created in His image they begin to heal.  Healing isn't instantaneous, but with the support of family and friends they will discover their true worth in God's eyes.

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of my honest review.