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Though My Heart is Torn ~ Review

Though My Heart is Torn
The Cadence of Grace #2
By Joanne Bischof

Lonnie and Gideon O'Riley have come to a point where they have a happy marriage and are they are both seeking to serve God and to raise their son Jacob in a God honoring way.  But Gideon's roguish past is about to find them and shatter the life they have created together.

Cassie Allen claims Gideon married her before he married Lonnie Sawyer and wasn't free to marry another.  The church agrees with Cassie and Gideon and Lonnie are faced with an agonizing decision - a decision that will affect not only them but their son as well.

Lonnie, after speaking to her Aunt Sarah, knows that she must give up her husband and his love to save him from Cassie's brothers.  But giving up what seemed to be from God is harder than she ever imagined.

Gideon is determined that his heart will always belong to Lonnie even though he is forced to renew his vows to Cassie.  But Gideon is no longer the man Cassie once knew.  He had changed, he'd found the light and stepped out of the darkness.  His heart that she had once been able to touch now belongs to a woman who in Cassie's opinion was not worthy of his attention.  But can she break Gideon's love for Lonnie and claim it for her own?

Lonnie along with Jacob and her young sister Addie leave Rocky Knob and return to the Bennett's home.  But will her heart ever mend and what could be God's plan behind this heartbreak?  But Lonnie is determined to live her life and make it the best she can for her son.  Does God have someone else for her?  As Lonnie struggles to find answers and move beyond her pain Elsie, Jebediah, and Reverend Tobias McKee offer her their friendship and support.

Though My Heart is Torn is the sequel to Be Still My Soul and the depths of pain will touch your heart.  You will feel the despair that Lonnie, Cassie, and Gideon feel.  One will see that you can't run from the past, hiding your mistakes and sins into the dark recesses confident that no one will ever know about them.  Our past shapes us and it has effects that can affect us and those around us in ways we cannot imagine.  What you do today can hurt you tomorrow.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review in exchange for my honest review.

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