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The Orphan King/Fortress of Mist ~ CSFF February Blog Tour Day 2

"Since dawn, three ropes had hung black against the rising sun."

What has been the fascination of humankind to observe and make sport of the execution of another?  I've always found the idea of going to a execution and watching another die in such a manner to be distasteful.  But I know of others who want these type events to be televised and looking back on history it is obviously a choice many have made.

If we look back to the Bible the crucifixion of Jesus and the two criminals was an event not to be missed.  What is it in us that makes many of us delight in another's pain and humiliation?

I believe that it has to do with what Thomas is struggling with in this series.  We have a problem with trust.  There is always someone out there ready to undermine us for their own gain.  But this is not so.  Jesus didn't come to undermine us.  He came that we might be raised up and perfected in His sacrifice.  Through Jesus life became something more than it had been.  Life was restored but only if we can accept that it is not a gift of fallen man but a gift to fallen man.  We must search out the answers to our questions to find life because we all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God and the gift of God is eternal life but we must accept it.

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  1. It's interesting that you mention Thomas has a problem with trust. It seems like everyone in this series does, including the "good guys" in the Immortals. They can't even cut the guy a break a little and let him in on the details to anything.

    Still, interesting connection between the hanging and Christ's crucifixion. Maybe it's also some kind of morbid relief and thrill that we're not the ones on the tree, even though due to our innate sinfulness, we should be--except for the grace of God for those who believe.

  2. I love your tie in between Thomas' struggle with trust, and what Christ has done on the cross as a gift to us. Great post :)


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