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The Orphan King/Fortress of Mist ~ CSFF February Blog Tour Day 1

The Orphan King

Merlin's Immortals Book 1
By Sigmund Brouwer

Thomas has been raised in secrecy, hidden from the world outside the walls of Harland Moor Abbey. His true identity has been hidden to protect him from those who had killed his family when their kingdom was taken.

But the time has come for Thomas to fulfill his destiny and to take Magnus - the place where darkness lives and fear abounds! Thomas is joined on his quest by William a mysterious knight, Tiny John a condemned child thief, and Isabelle young woman who pretends to be who she isn't. Unknown to Thomas two opposing forces are determined to use him and to sway him to their cause.

Much that Thomas should know about his past was lost when the woman who acted as his nurse died before she could impart most of her knowledge. One piece of information that Sarah gave him was that she had hoped to see "him grow into a man and to become one of the Immortals and to help them destroy the circle of evil." But who or what these Immortals were died with Sarah. 

Along the way Thomas learns important lessons in trust and in whom to place it which proved invaluable once he and his army of three were trapped within the walls of Magnus. All too soon Thomas and William find themselves locked away in the dungeon with another prisoner who has been locked away for ten years. 

How is Thomas to fulfill his destiny when he is beneath the very island castle he is determined to free? Can he bring hope to the helpless and the downtrodden who are trapped within the castle as much as he is? Does the phrase "Delivered on the wings of an angel, he shall free us from oppression" hold the answers he seeks?

The Orphan King is a page turner that holds your attention. Set in Northern England in AD 1312, the truth of Christianity struggles against the darkness of the pagan religions that have a hold upon the land. 

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. The opinions I expressed are my own.

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